Precisely not Steve Jobs or Job in Bible (*my joke’s getting old).

Last week I’ve been invited by my friend in Tinker Game Developer as game illustrator and I took the opportunity. Thanks God I’ve been working in the company for a week already until now 🙂 Since I was a middle schooler, I had been working on my own RPGs and stories – being a part of the game developer team is also my big dream – I’ve never thought I will be one of them now! Thanks for last year Taiyoo dragged me off to attend Nokia Game Developer Wars in Jakarta I’ve known more about being one gamedev team.

Note that I don’t abandon my dream as a researcher. I’m waiting for God’s approval while waiting for my graduation. I still want to take Master degree, hopefully, next year in June continuing my research and helping my professor. To put it short, I want to save money for study haha, either way, I’ll let God guide me. If this job is my call, so be it – if Master degree is my call, so be it – if both, so be it! (*curses me and my naivette)

Game was once part of my life, and I am still playing games until now. But recently, I thought big game companies are… well, how to put it awhole… the games are not as good as PSX ones. PSX, SNES — oldie games are legends — name them Mappy, Tetris, Donkey Kong, Super Mario, FF series until FF9, Legend of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Valkyrie Profile, and so on. Squaresoft, Namco, ATLUS, or Bandai has their own distinguished styles on making games. As far as I’ve observed, Squaresoft are vibrant, calm, fantastic and so much fantasy, I enjoy the very bit of them. ATLUS, in contrast, has point plus on strange gameplays, most notably when they took STING as part of the developer team *laugh* not only that, though, ATLUS is known for their dark fantasy, angst and twist, strange and unique gameplays which I also enjoy. Bandai relies on their vast licenses on animes and mechas *laugh* once you say Bandai, I say Gundam. But now, what I see is Squaresoft is not being the old Square – I wonder since when the stories of their games are either cliffhangers or all ridiculously bad endings, talk about Drag-on-Dragoon series, The Last Remnant, and FFXIII. I am very delighted when I knew my team in this new company have exactly the same mind as mine. Our aim is to bring the good ol’ RPGs back to their joyful moments. That’s been said, we have to undergo trials on making small games first to strengthen our team works *laugh*

At first, the new office is far beyond my thought – it is big and cozy, near my campus and neat. But something’s there is a bit off at first, I love my lab more. The office’s and lab’s aura are different. In the lab, I can spend staring at the net all day, not moving from my bench like a zombie (*and being called either a koala or a cheetah) and listening to lectures in the same time. Working thesis in lab is more effective, as I have many seniors and labmates that support and joke about scientific things. I cannot bring that attitude to my new office, can I? Or I am sure people, unless they have same background as me, will frown in the moment I babble about – say – Higgs Boson. But in contrast, in the office, I get carried away and get overexcited as I (later in the night) thought I was annoying back then. The previous paragraph summarizes it all. Now I am learning on how I calm my overexcitement as well as to work as effectively as possible.

And I am still working on the papers. My curiosity on this annoying material hasn’t been quenched yet.

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