It has been two weeks or so and I (like always) forget to share.. It was when a teacher from next laboratory (Medical Physics or just Medics) visited to see my friend. We ended up talking about a lot of things while waiting, including the relationship between computational material design and medical physics. Nowadays, the research on computational material design on medical field focused on the behavior of proteins (glycine. lysine, etc.) and the development on biosensor. Then the topic changed to the difference between Electrical Engineering Medics with Engineering Physics Medics, which I found very interesting. After some other chit-chat, we ended up discussing the eastern and western traditional medical treatment.

the result of “kerokan”, yep – it leaves red marking

I remember I’ve written something about it in later posts, which mentioned that one may be able to cure flu by scratching one’s back with coin “KEROKAN” – that was Indonesia’s traditional medical treatment for flu. Let’s have some other story from modern country which I forgot from where (you can always google it, but I heard this from someone based on rumor, dunno if it’s true or not).

There was once a mother who scratched her child’s back with coin and the child screamed in pain. The neighbor rushed there to see and saw the scene, the child’s back is all red because of the scratches, but the mother said it was for medical treatment.  They sued the mother for “children abuse”. The mother went to jail and the end.

My teacher said it might because of the culture difference between east and west / modern. One might buy generic pills to cure illness, like aspirin or some other things – that is normal thing to do, right? But for traditional houses around “Eastern” part of the globe, we might have better[?] solution, which involve treating one’s illness by traditional method (barbaric or not, you choose).

Thus, he explained the physics phenomena of Eastern traditional medication. We have learned in biology that below our skin, there is one type of cell called “neurons”, which work is to transfer electrical signal to / from our brain. [See Wikipedia] The electric signal doesn’t flow inside the cell, but by hopping on the surface of the Schwann Cell through Node of Ranvier. That “masuk-angin” or “flu” (or just whatever illness) means there is unusual activity in certain organs – meaning there is some information (read: electrical signal) that is missing during the transfer.

The act of “scratching certain part of your body” is a way to “give spark/ impulse” to the neurons that alarmed the brain there is unusual activity in certain part of the body. The same mechanisme as ACUPUNCTURE and point massage (but – well – kerokan is rather barbaric haha, since we ended up scratching almost tall area on our back). Ancient Chinese developed acupuncture by trial and error, and finally mapped the diagram to what you see in modern days.

acupuncture points

This research has been done by several scientists and researchers. My teacher mentioned a name that had a big book dictionary of the physics phenomena behind traditional medical treatment (mostly in Eastern culture) but I forgot who. It is a very interesting study — AND note that this is not just a folklore! Rather than applying chemical and drugs into our body that might destroy the cells, let us do the more natural way…. though I always get scared on those big needles… (I’ve experienced being scratched by coins and balms on me everytime I got flu, so for me needles are scarier)

Jogjakarta International Conference on Physics – Seminary Resume
Note : I guess it won’t hurt if I share small portion of the seminary, since I don’t have right to post full resume of the topic. I will skip the first topic about RIKEN muon facility by Mr. Isao Watanabe because I don’t understand any of it. Since my background is applied physics (even though I do research about nanomaterial), I only manage to grasp two of all topics, that is about Laser and Control.


“Teleportation, time machine, telepathy…!”

Do you believe in teleportation, mind reading, time machine, telepathy, and such? You probably wonder why I’m suddenly asking you readers about sci-fi movies. Fortunately no, I am not. I’m talking about technology. With this high pace of technology development, don’t you think it is time to dream of something ‘unreal’ and make them ‘real’?

My friend and I happened to discuss about this topic two days ago, a very very interesting topic that people may think we were discussing about some kind of new scifi movie. It was opened with conversations about our undergraduate thesis *yuck* and then came topics about quarks and Higgs Boson, the godly particle that creates mass, and Curiosity. Then came back to Astral when I stated that my brain wasn’t ready yet to receive interparticles information.

Astral is close to lucid-dreaming, where a person’s consciousness in trance state comes ‘out’ from his body and wanders around counsciously. My friend gave me example of the researcher of certain university (Robert Monroe) practiced it on a certain night. His consciousness wandered to other town and saw his relative baked something. Then in the morning, he called his relative and asked, to the other’s astonishment, ‘what were you baking late at night?’ (sounds like a ghost to me) I haven’t read the paper or book about it, though, so I can’t say much and I won’t judge whether it is scientific or not since it lacks logical explanation. But the essential conclusion is that: it has been practiced and proved to be true. It is still a pseudo-science, but who knows later in the future we can ‘appear there’ when our physical body isn’t there?

I ever heard about teleportation too. The method is to break the thing into particles, sending it as energy – or wave, since waves always carry energy- and in the destination it is recontructed again. But my guess it can’t be applied to human, since breaking a living being into particles is — a bit hardcore (that means killing us first, huh). I heard about Hadron Collider used as time machine too, since it can accelerate particles near the speed of light and, some Einstein general relativity and stuff, but I guess no human can stand the impact of the speed of light – well, we oughta be particles. Telephaty is another topic. All I’ve heard about the method is that both the subject and the receiver should have some kind of ‘brainwave resonance’ to understand what the other’s thinking. Pretty cool and convenient if you are too lazy to speak.

Breathtaking future technology is interesting (if it is not, no sci-fi movies). My fellow college friends and seniors in neighbour laboratory are conducting experiments about automatic wheelchair driven by brainwave, binaural beats, hypnosis, REM, and perfect pitch. Human body-soul-mind hides great secrets more than you have imagined, and each of the findings lead us to wonder how great we are made. We’re not close to understand our body-mind-soul completely yet – there are still many ‘treasures’ waiting to be discovered. To think literally that God knot eacn of us one by one is really amazing.

There are so many accidents involving structure failures and trespassing of engineering responsibility. Countless events and accidents have been recorded, some have been put in the court but some are left unsolved – and eventually forgotten. The last one happens in my home country. I made this just for knowledge for common people, who don’t even know how engineer works. Because this is my country’s matter, I’ll give the explanation in my native language.

Indonesia adalah satu-satunya negara yang belum memiliki Undang-Undang Keinsinyuran sampai sekarang, dan sudah waktunya Indonesia menerapkan RUU tentang Keinsinyuran ini demi negara kita sendiri. Sebagai pengetahuan, tahun 2012 ini RUU Keinsinyuran telah disusun dan kemungkinan besar tahun 2013 akan sudah diterapkan sepenuhnya. Mengapa insinyur harus memiliki undang-undang? Bukankah mereka ‘hanya’ bekerja menurut apa yang di-S.O.P-kan saja? Secara teknik, analitis, dan sudah meruntut pada perhitungan eksak matematis?

Hal inilah yang belum disadari oleh bangsa kita selama ini. Dengan mudahnya seseorang bisa ‘ngeles’, “ah, itu kan cuma masalah teknis, perbaiki sedikit bisa kembali normal”. Benarkah “cuma”? Bagaimana kalau karena masalah teknis yang terlihat sepele dan kecil itu ternyata mengakibatkan kematian bagi banyak orang, apalagi di tengah krisis moral bangsa kita yang terlalu toleran  dan pelit sehingga “kalau bisa dikurangi, kenapa tidak?” Itulah yang terjadi pada Jembatan Kertanegara dan hal-hal kecil sekeliling kita.

Insinyur memerlukan sebuah dasar hukum yang tepat dan adil untuk, selain mengekang mereka supaya tidak menimbulkan kerugian dan korban, melindungi manusia. Keteknikan adalah bidang yang sangat vital dan kebanyakan orang awam menganggap remeh karena mereka tidak melihat apa yang akan terjadi bila alat/ struktur tersebut mengalami kegagalan. Faktor safety telah diperhitungkan matang-matang, apabila faktor ini dikurangi demi mendapatkan keuntungan bagi pengelola apa yang terjadi?

Tidak seperti dunia seni, dunia teknik adalah eksak dan menyangkut nyawa orang banyak. Contoh paling sederhana: kabel listrik rumah yang sudah mengelupas dibiarkan begitu saja sampai terjadi percikan api (short-circuit), meletakkan komputer dekat air minum, mencolokkan perangkat listrik ke steker tanpa alas kaki – dan ternyata stekernya berdebu sehingga kemungkinan besar terjadi lompatan bunga listrik ketika dicolokkan, pembuatan jalan yang tidak sesuai standar dan asal-asalan sehingga ketika hujan turun akan membuat lubang dan air menggenang… dan mungkin membunuh pengendara motor yang melintasinya. Atau keteknikan sekitar kita di mana faktor keamanan telah diperhitungkkan: kabel yang dibungkus isolator karet, aki mobil yang dilindungi dengan casing yang tebal, stopper dan shock-breaker, sabuk pengaman…

Mungkin bila insinyur yang membangun tidak memiliki kode etik, benda-benda berkecapatan tinggi seperti jet-coaster yang ada di Dunia Fantasy bisa melayang ke neraka karena salah digit desimal, atau terjadi kebakaran hebat karena insinyur lupa mematikan ‘keran’ (valve) pada sebuah kilang minyak. BILA ada yang lebih tidak punya kode etik, mereka bisa membangun bom nuklir, shockgun, penyemprot zat asam, zat biokimia, bahkan mengembangkan virus untuk membunuh banyak orang. Maka dari itulah kode etika dan hukum insinyur sangat diperlukan.

Sesuai dengan apa yang telah saya terima di kelas Etika Profesi dan Kerja Praktik Teknik Fisika, secara garis besar ada 6 poin hukum dasar, di mana di sini hanya dijabarkan sangat singkat:
1) K3L (utamakan keselamatan orang banyak)
2) Bekerja HANYA sesuai kompetensi (hanya INSINYUR yang bisa mengadili insinyur)
3) Pernyataan publik yang jujur dan objektif (tidak boleh melebih-lebihkan, apalagi berbohong tentang spesifikasi teknik)
4) Setia pada majikan / klien (sebagai insinyur profesional wajib menghormati klien, mengungkap konflik kepentingan, dan tidak menerima imbalan dalam bentuk apapun pada saat proyek berlangsung)
5) Menghindari penipuan (kualifikasi diri dan perihal suap-menyuap)
6) Wibawa, tanggungjawab, patuh hukum, dan menjaga kehormatan profesi

Energy Management Laboratory – Seminary Resume
Note: an energy management seminary held in Bandung Institute of Technology almost a year ago, but this seminary told us an urgent issue and important matter about this world’s energy crisis. And this seminary concerns me of how important new technologies are to solve the fossil fuel problems.