God is dead.
God remains dead.
And we have killed him.

How shall we comfort ourselves,
the murderers of all murderers?

What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned
has bled to death under our knives:
who will wipe this blood off us?
what water is there for us to clean ourselves?
what festivals of atonement.
what sacred games shall we have to invent?

Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us?

Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?

– Friedrich Nietzsche

The night is still, the streets are quiet,
In this house lived my Love;
She left the town long before,
Yet her house is still standing in the same place.
There I also see a man standing and staring into the heavens,
Wringing his hands in violent grief.
I shudder when I behold his face;
The moon reveals to me my own likeness.
You Doppelgänger, you pale companion!
Why do you mimic my love sickness,
That tormented me at this place
For so many nights in the past?

—”Der Doppelgänger”

I know my soul hath power to know all things
Yet is she blind and ignorant in all:I know I’m one of Nature’s little kings,
Yet to the least and vilest things am thrall

I know my life’s a pain, and but a span;
I know my sense is mock’d in ev’ry thing:
And to conclude, I know myself a man
Which is a proud, and yet a wretched thing

– John Davies, 1569 – 1626 — …Masterpieces of Religious Verses, J.D. Morrison
Harper & Brothers Publisher, New York and London

In childhood’s pride I said to Thee:
‘O Thou, who mad’st me of Thy breath,
Speak, Master, and reveal to me
Thine inmost laws of life and death.

‘Give me to drink each joy and pain
Which Thine eternal hand can mete,
For my insatiate soul would drain
Earth’s utmost bitter, utmost sweet.

‘Spare me no bliss, no pang of strife,
Withhold no gift or grief I crave,
The intricate lore of love and life
And mystic knowledge of the grave.’

Lord, Thou didst answer stern and low:
‘Child, I will hearken to thy prayer,
And thy unconquered soul shall know
All passionate rapture and despair.

‘Thou shalt drink deep of joy and fame,
And love shall burn thee like a fire,
And pain shall cleanse thee like a flame,
To purge the dross from thy desire.

‘So shall thy chastened spirit yearn
To seek from its blind prayer release,
And spent and pardoned, sue to learn
The simple secret of My peace.

‘I, bending from my sevenfold height,
Will teach thee of My quickening grace,
Life is a prism of My light,
And Death the shadow of My face.’

– Sarojini Naidu, 1879 — …Masterpieces of Religious Verses, J.D. Morrison
Harper & Brothers Publisher, New York and London

You laid aside Your majesty,
gave up everything for me.
Suffered at the hands of those
You had created.

You took away my guilt and shame,
When You died and rose again.
Now today You reign,
And heaven and earth exalt You.

I really want to worship You my Lord,
You have won my heart and I am Yours.
Forever and ever, I will love You.
You are the only one who died for me,
Gave Your life to set me free.
So I lift my voice to You in adoration.

– Noel Richards (piano by Keith Routledge)


Faith to God is like ending a day;
ready to sleep, closing eyes’ lids;
when you can see no light nor might;
as day goes to night: will I be all right?
But you know strength is preserved;
inside darkness, everything anew;
I will breathe, and open my eyes;
to see a great brand new day.

-Bandung, 24th August 2014

In the eye of God,
everything has a hundred points.

In the eye of human,
Himself is seen as a hundred,
Eighty for the same kind,
Sixty for a pet companion,
Forty for livestocks,
Twenty for a bitch,
Ten for pigs and hags,
Zero for pests.

— Bandung, August 2nd 2014