Happy Ied Mubarak 1433H, Minal Aidzin Walfa Idzin, Wilujeung Idul Fitri 😀 Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Moga-moga amal ibadah di bulan suci Ramadhan berkenan di hati-Nya. “Past sins cannot be erased, but can be forgiven”.

Two days ago was Ied Mubarak, the biggest event for Moslems in Indonesia and the last day of Ramadhan month. Families, regardless their religions, ethnicity, or places, celebrate “Lebaran” (Indonesian word for Ied Mubarak, I think? CMIIW) by visiting our relatives, sungkeman, or just simply spending long holiday elsewhere, and – of course – we prepare ketupat with opor ayam (kupat or lontong or… what is it in English… I and my Mom debate whether it is called opor or curry hahaha).

Bcause of mudik tradition (pulang kampung, or coming back to hometown to pay visit to relatives) and incredibly-dense-high-ultramegasuper-traffic jams everywhere except Jakarta, we spend entire Lebaran holiday at home. Jakarta people filled Bandung and Lembang streets and all hotels were booked. Malls and tourist spots were crowdy leaving no room to breathe. Almost all cars in Kebon Kawung street (especially Jakarta people hunt for pisang bolen Kartika Sari) were platted “B” (for Jakarta cars). After Kebon Kawung, all “lowong” (empty.red) Ha!

We did morning-jog at first day Ied Mubarak and I (finally, after xyz months) went to Tegallega Square’s traditional market… to snatch some snacks -no. Surprisingly enough, there were still stalls selling stuffs and it was quite crowded. Usually in first-day Lebaran, all shops were closed. Here are some photo I took 😀

Traditional Market at Tegallega Square, Bandung. Fresh strawberries and blueberries from Lembang and cooked Chinese food + opor stall.

Strange tree at Tegallega Square. Its leaves are red… feels like autumn in Bandung.

Kinda blurry because of fogs. As usual, all pictures are taken by Nokia N8 camera.

I and my family spent time in Paris Van Java Mall at the second Lebaran day… and I fnally got TOTORO plush!! XD

totoro plush!