Wijayakusuma flower (Epiphyllum Anguliger), which is Sanskrit word for “flower of victory” bloomed beautifully in my house’s frontyard this year. Perhaps there seems nothing special about it, but for me, Flower of Victory’s full bloom is something that I admire a lot.

I’ve written something about Wijayakusuma flower – dated back in February 2012 – I mentioned that this flower rarely blooms, only once a year during midnight before this year. Because of it’s awfully short, I often miss seeing it in full bloom like this. As for the reason why it blooms rarely, it may be due to the weather. But this year, when I thought the weather would be really bad for flowers (it got this weird warm yet humid air) it bloomed one by one – always every day! It stopped blooming after every single flowers had sprouted from the leaves. The flowers only stayed for less than 6 hours, from midnight to about 6-7AM in the morning the next day.

Wijayakusuma was brought from China to this land during Majapahit era, long before Portugal or Dutch invade Indonesia. Javanese people believe that “people who see this flower blooms, will get blessing”. It may be due to the flowers’ short lives. As why it’s named “victory” – I haven’t had any idea…

As usual, taken without edit from my Nokia N8 phone (gosh, my phone’s really ancient). There is not enough background light since it was taken in about 5AM in the morning and Nokia’s flashlight wasn’t good. I wish I had better phone or pocket camera I can bring everywhere, but I have to be content with what I have for now.

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I should have not so attached to kitties – but it can’t be helped since they are so cute. My friend has said once, “There is something with Institut Teknologi Bandung and felines”. There are tons of kitties and cats walking around my campus, going to classes, begging for food near canteen, inside student council secretariat, and so on. For me they are anti-depressants so their existence are tolerated. Every morning I went to campus, approximately 6:30AM, I always meet two of four kitties sleeping somewhere around HIMAFI (physics student organization) secretariat at Physics Building (Faculty of Science). Whenever I stare at them, they awake and yawn before meowing at me (looks like they are hungry) nonstop and walk around my feet. When I pet them, they always beg for more.

CUTE LITTLE ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. Enjoy my amateur shots!


Grandma's hybrid rose

white-pink hybrid rose

When I went to pay my lil bro’s phone credit debt in front of  my house, I stumbled upon a shy rose my neighbor had. It mesmerized me for quite a time before I took my usual-not-so-bored N8 Nokia camer–I mean–cellphone. When I saw the result, oh woow, Nokia oes rather good job on photographing flowers than clouds. Or it was just me forgot how to shot a picture. (Or just pure luck–kidding).

Bandung is still raining although in one or two days we had very-hot-sunny days (and the next day, severe rainstorm with thunders). In this kind of I-don’t-even-know-what-season-is-this, flowers bloom beautifully one by one. With love and care, they may make your small garden beautiful. Look at these well-bloom (neighbor)’s flowers!


I think it's not a rose...

I think it’s not a rose… (that is obviously not)

It will always be a good question of why I only post my neighbors’ gardens and flowers and not mine. Although I love flowers and its splendor-beauty-and sweet smell, I don’t really remember all of their names. And when I tried to take care of a banyan-tree bonsai uncle gave me, it turned to…mm….uh-well, I’m not sure what is it anymore and don’t worry it’s not a zombie. My mother is the one taking care of our house’s small garden. She has a good number of collection (though I admit they’re not lined up neatly).

the only yellow flower yesterday

the only yellow flower in my garden yesterday


I don't even know what is this

I don’t even know what kind of flower is this

Two days ago when I were jogging in Tegallega park, something white fell from the tall tree… and guess what! It has unusual appearance, five petals (…and the petals are surprisingly quite heavy) and long-hair-like stamens. I haven’t seen this flower often, so I took it home.  After that I observed there are some flowers blooming in the garden and I took some photographs of them.

random flower 2-2

random flower 2

random flower 3I’m more interested in taking photographs of flowers and trees rather than clouds, but I don’t have many flowers at home (the last banyan bonsai tree my uncle bought for me has become a midget). As usual and never bored of it yet until unusable, Nokia N8 camera is my best friend. Not a part of special promotion for Nokia, though (since it is all I have). Don’t be deceived by the background. I took it near my house’s “selokan” (small house-sewer) and garage. I wandered a bit farther and sneaked to neighbour’s garden. Here are flowers I found, especially orchids.