Gate to Ragnarok is my first (finished) doujin project for Gate to Ragnarok Role-Playing Group at deviantArt. It is inspired by Rachel’s quest “Lost Boy” and made this year (2011). It has been published in my deviantArt, and I will share this again here for you guys who find this site via google 😀

Date Created: August, 31st, 2010
Genre: Ragnarok Online Doujinshi
Total Pages: 104 (pdf)
Language : English

Beowulf, Wiegraf, and Rheis were autonomous Pronteran Special Royal Knighthood “The Death Corps”, depicting their special treatment by the King Tristan III himself with high ranks in their young ages. It was where they started the friendly campaign to Arunafeltz’s territory to meet the Pope, with hidden mission that to investigate why Runic travellers often disappeared in the barren land. It was not an easy task, they were forced to face death so many times.