It’s been quite a long time since I write something here– First, let me tell you a good season greetings from Indonesia:


This year has been a troublesome year, but thank God I have passed it successfully! There are blessings, there are storms and turbulence, but everything is being kept safe in God’s Hands. I thank Jesus Christ for being my Savior, a Father who can hold me tight during those dark times and keep peace in me until to-day. I am glad I can finally at rest in the end of the year without losing my sanity, to calm down and be able to write something positive here in this blog.

I have an urge to taint this post with some more black notch but let’s leave them for the end of the year and New Year Resolution. Below “read more” was simply a rant.


Goodness I haven’t uploaded the pictures from Lunar New Year… I think I have some debts to readers too so I’ll try to pay them all now in a single post! There isn’t much to say about last year’s Christmas, New Year, or Lunar New Year. I attended Christmas Eve’s Mass at St. Paulus and Christmas Service in the morning with my mother the day after. And about Lunar New Year, there is lesser people attending family gathering than before, probably because of the long weekend and everyone’s taking their holiday.

St. Paulus's Christmas Eve Celebration

St. Paulus’s Christmas Eve Celebration

Goodness, I only have two good photographs to be shared?! Where am I last year? At Christmas Eve’s Mass, I recorded my aunt’s choir but it turned out not good due to limitation of cellphone’s mic. Fortunately nothing happened during Christmas and New Year. We wish you (very late) Christmas and a good New Year!

candle lights at vihara

candle lights at vihara

Surprisingly enough, in this post I attached two different celebration in two different religion in two different year and two different place of worship. This year is YEAR OF THE HORSE! Everyone celebrated it by wishing good wishes and luck, wearing red clothes and I remembered it was raining heavily in the morning before dawn (and a bit in the afternoon). If you are bored with horse-face-mask people sold last year, you have to endure all year starting [today].


Merry Christmas 2011, everyone who celebrates :D! Grace and Blessings from the Lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family!

Looking back last January, I found that I have been naughty (all over this year) and not care much about my own spiritual needs. But I have come to resolution that I should press forward toward the goal for the glory of The Lamb, which passion I lost this year. Next year is 2012, and the year I should graduate. God knows my future and all I can do is to give my all to Him and do the best for His glory. I hope you readers will do the same too, to make a new bright resolution, to start things anew, and everything is for Jesus’s glory. If you ask me what kind of action is contributed to His glory, I’ll say:


so, Merry Christmas 2011 😀