QUE Project: MATHS
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Just in case you don’t understand: the more advanced your study on physics, the more you won’t be able to see number. But once you touch bottom pit of hell, you just find “meaningless” numbers. You can’t escape computer science lol.

Citation: Newton Law, Electronics, Maxwell Equation, Lennard-Jones, Schrödinger Equation, Control Theorem, Fourier Transform, and my own undergrad theshit code and output files.

QUE Project and all of the characters are belong to vnyx
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just in case you don’t understand the pun: “Letter” is short scientific report submitted to a journal for sole purpose: to shut competitor’s project down and gain first recognition of the finding. It contains just few data and important analysis backing the claim which – for most of us – doesn’t make any sense at all.

disclaimer: I borrowed random paper name from DOI:10.1016/j.physleta.2016.12.029

QUE Project and all of the characters are belong to vnyx
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Hello, readers, QUE Project is back alive. I’ve planned for once a week release along with Tree of Savior 4koma comic. Here we have nanoputian for comeback party. Bored scientists are really awesome, don’t you think?

QUE Project and all of the characters are belong to vnyx

Happy New Year 2017!
Let this year comes with many good blessings, new wishes, and hope! Pray it will be better than 2016 – we have all known there are rocky path in the following months so let us prepare well and survive together!

It felt the 2017 New Year celebration wasn’t as grand as 2016’s, perhaps because what had happened one year before. 2016 sucks; and we all know it. Starting from January to December, it seemed that there wasn’t any single happiness in it (although I believe there is, but didn’t give any viral impact since people prefer bringing up bad news rather than good one). As for me – you might have known that I also experienced the worst year in my life. Starting from working for passive aggressive narcissistic boss for half a year and spent all day either cursing, crying, or thinking about suicide… to half a year full of procrastination and depression being an unemployment which couldn’t stand seeking for a new job in fear of having to work under a boss with same characteristics. I honestly didn’t even remember if there was something good happening in previous year. It was all a mess – plus about the discrimination and religion drama happened in quarter end of 2016.

Let me throw back what I had written in 1 Jan 2016.
So… I was talking about going to hell for money and I have to laugh ironically that it was what exactly happened to me in the following days. The tone in my previous post last year was really apathetic and sounded like a bitch – the old me didn’t know that 2016 was much more worse than 2015. Perhaps 2017 won’t be any better, but let’s just see what God has in mind. Below was the list I made last year. Sadly there wasn’t any single wish granted to me.


Warning: profanities turned on. I can’t stand being calm or pretending there’s nothing happened anymore. I need a place to write rants since it’s not only pissing me off, this has been gone on three days straight and I think I’m going crazy. Nobody in this country understands how it feels since they’re the ones who pressurizing me to do this thing called marriage.

For short background story, have you been an almost 30-years old who never experience dating, doesn’t want to date or have sex, being in strict old Chinese/Asian culture who worships parents and marriage – e.g. having spouse and giving birth are children duty while in the same time they condemn young generation being the worst human being on earth? That’s me. And you know what, I’m tired of this.

Read on your own risk.


Okay, I think I have to write something about what has happened to me so far since January. This shit started when I approved my (former?) boss working in a baby company owned by Indonesian most successful start-up travel group. They register their company name in Singapore for the sake of paying lesser taxes where in fact the activities were all performed in Indonesia. It was a baby back then and none of my business (who am I to talk) – so I just pretended I didn’t see the mess in their internal or external affairs. But this time it has been going out of hand.

I joked in my facebook account about this, but because English erased all the puns I wrote, let’s just write ’em in serious manner. I fucked up all the company names mentioned below and color them red for obvious reason:


No one understands what I feel.
Not even myself.

Who is my friend?
The one you once adore?

Many times I question about myself.
Why am I born in the world
if people don’t want me to be here.
Isn’t it better to be no more?

But no, I can’t die yet.
My future cat needs to be fed.
If not me, who will?

So Here I am.

– Bandung, 24 September 2016