This guideline is pretty much tl;dr and may be skipped just like random “term and service” you’ve probably been wondering about. This is merely to clarify things which should or should not do for both of us since I will share either my works,  projects, or writings – as well as worldwide news and recent updates in whatever topic I like to discuss.

  1. YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO CLAIM MY WORKS AS YOURS! Any plagiarism, thievery, and violating copyright laws will not be tolerated. In return, I will also hold tight into internet etiquette by not publishing others’ works, papers, journals I don’t have right to, and anything that is common-sense for normal person. Any others’ publications here will be cited or credited – or at least will be sourced via links.
  2. YOU MAY NOT FLAME/TROLL/SPAM/ADVERTISE HERE! Constructive critiques and suggestions are always welcome. If you want to give me any suggestions or critiques, please write them in mild and polite manner. Author, in this case is me, has total right to remove/ troll back/ delete/ report things that I and community deem eyesore. And please restrain yourself from commenting a post by attaching fishy links, I may practice some hexes on you.
  3. DON’T USE/COMMERCIALIZE/REPRINT/REPOST MY WORKS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! If you want to request drawings / essay / comic-strips, etc. I will gladly accept if I have time and mood, but don’t do anything to whatever material I posted without my permission (unless you have my permission – logical stuffs). If you want to use it for personal reason such as phone or desktop wallpaper, go ahead. The exclusion is for those which I noted “feel free to distribute or commercialize”. Reprinting is not permitted either.
  4. I RECEIVE FEEDBACK! I am just an amateur in art and just a random engineer who can’t live without drawing or leaving my Nokia camera behind (except at home…) so feedback is necessary for my own growth. Feel free to ask me anything about… anything although most of them probably are my opinion.
  5. All things about external materials I’ve posted is copyright by respective owner. And please don’t repost my works outside since they hold zero point zero zero worth of your time. You still have to double check everything I wrote despite I had sourced it – I might have fell to the depth of abyss that I unconsciously misled people by inserting some of misleading proofs or opinion. If I am wrong, feel free to clarify it for me, and thank you for your correction!
  6. All information regarding science and technology is all taken mostly from lectures in classes and something new I know. Feel free to criticize it since I do want to learn about them too, a lot. Most of them are things I heard and read, so even though teachers said so, it doesn’t have to be the case without legal proof or research.

The rules and guides will be updated later 😉 Thank you for your cooperation and have a good day!


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