Short Bio:

  • Name : vnyx (and many other names)
  • Race : trash sparrow
  • Current residence : earth, supposedly
  • Personal Affiliates : INTJ phlegmatic B
  • Occupation : anti-social depressed blogger


  • have seen too much negative sides of humanity…
  • withholding tears and anger everyday
  • comes to hate humans since going out to see the world
  • have prayed several times for Ragnarok to come

Tools of Trade :

GNU Image ManiPulator 2.6
Bamboo Pen Tablet CTL460

OS and Laptop Current State:

  • ASUS A455L Series
  • Windows 8.1
  • [RIP] BENQ Joybook S350 Intel Celeron (Windows XP SP2 & Archlinux)

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