Okay, I think I have to write something about what has happened to me so far since January. This shit started when I approved my (former?) boss working in a baby company owned by Indonesian most successful start-up travel group. They register their company name in Singapore for the sake of paying lesser taxes where in fact the activities were all performed in Indonesia. It was a baby back then and none of my business (who am I to talk) – so I just pretended I didn’t see the mess in their internal or external affairs. But this time it has been going out of hand.

I joked in my facebook account about this, but because English erased all the puns I wrote, let’s just write ’em in serious manner. I fucked up all the company names mentioned below and color them red for obvious reason:

  • I was accepted as employee of A-RUMS start-up company in January. Because they required their employees to have INDIE Bank account to send monthly payment, I signed up for one and returned the form to the person in charge.
  • Few days later the HR gave me the book and I quickly noticed there wasn’t any signature in it. Obviously I couldn’t use that damned book until I get one. I asked the HR to return the book to the bank for signature, but she asked me to walk there by myself instead *sigh* …Oookaay?
  • So next day I arrived in INDIE Bank a bit far from office for the sake of signature. The teller asked me about normal stuffs and when I handed the book over to her, she asked me (in friendly manner): “Oh, are you TVLK employee?” That was the name of its parent company, and I also vividly remembered that the automatic payment was developed by it, so there wasn’t big deal to enlist their employee as one of TVID – TVLK main group – employee too, right. Or so I thought.
  • Summary, TVID Group owns TVLK company and A-RUMS company. But unlike TVLK, A-RUMS was listed under the name of PT BIRDNEST in Singapore instead of child company of Indonesian TVID Group (even though they operated in Indonesia). Fishy? Nyeh.
  • Fast forward to present, I resigned because I couldn’t stand working for hypocrite bosses. I packed my stuffs and went to live back in my parent’s house in Bandung. The next day when I thought everything was done with them, a short message appeared in my cellphone screen from INDIE Bank:
    “CONGRATULATION! Your credit card has been approved… The card will be sent to your address this week.”
  • Of course I reacted like normal human being: what the actual fuck happened. Never I wanted to make a credit card because it just drained your savings. Then I did what a normal person would do, calling INDIE Bank‘s customer service and spent nearly 5bucks for senseless information. The only thing I wanted to know was who the chimpanzee made me that flying card.
    • CS: “Your name is vnyx, right? Your address, please?”
    • me: “I’ve resigned from my last company, Miss. My address (in Bandung) is [censored].”
    • CS: “I’m sorry, that address isn’t matched with our data.”
    • me: (what the fuck?! I never write down my Jakarta address. Besides I don’t effing remember)
    • CS: “Perhaps your company and company address?”
    • me: *due to me being so impatiently mad, I just spelled the name of the suspect I thought of since the start of conversation* “TVLK. Wisma 9000” Didn’t mention A-RUMS or its office in Wisma Buritto.
    • CS: “Please wait a minute.”
    • me: (The Fuck!?) “So, did they make me credit card?”
    • CS: “Many companies do that. We offer them the service and if they approve, we will make them.”
  • I closed the call and went immediately to bank branch to close the credit card. The Customer Service in this branch was kinder than that person who picked up my phone call, so I asked her few questions about this whole mysterious credit card thing. From conversation with her, I came into conclusion that the employee will be charged 16,000IDR per month (or if you’re not an employee, higher than that). They will deliver the credit card to your home first after approval, then the owner will need to sign to activate the card. “But,” the Customer Service said, “it’s better if you close it right now in case of sudden bills coming to your home.”
  • What.
  • So then I agreed with closure and I thought everything was good. Nope. INDIE Bank called me next month after my short peaceful days, saying that my card has been produced already and he asked if I want to deliver it to [insert-mysterious-address-here]. I was about to yell, but was too exhausted so I explained to him that I’ve closed the card and he didn’t have to deliver it anywhere.
  • Just few days ago I received a phone call from (021)-xxx200. I immediately knew it was from INDIE Bank since it was Jakarta number (021) and had familiar numbers. Looks like I’ve been received too many calls from the bank I unconsciously stored it in my memories. The conversation was more fucked up than before.
    • CS: “Good evening, is this Mr. Haji xxx?”
    • me: “No, Ma’am. Wrong number.”
    • CS: “Is this [random phone number]?”
    • me: “No, I’m [first five number of my phone number].”
    • CS: “Oh, is this vnyx? We’re from INDIE Bank… we’ve sent the credit card to your address but it was returned because we couldn’t find anyone with your name there…”
    • me: “Huh?? But I’ve said you don’t have to send it. Where did you send it to?”
    • CS: “Mosque XXYYZZ.”
    • me:WHAT THE FLYING FUCK. Just burn the card, mang. BURN IT.

That was it. And it was irritating. If you found it funny, it was funny at first. But imagine if you never got the short message and suddenly your savings went to zero because of damn credit card stealing away 16k IDR per month for administration fee. What’s more, the card is sent to a middle-aged man owner of mosque and he kept it for himself. Perhaps the worst scenario would be he activated the damn card to bank and was free to do anything with it where the bill will fall to me who don’t know anything. There are many scenarios in my mind and what-ifs, and up to to-day, I still feel insecure.

Who spread my private information? The culprits are either from the bank employee or the TVLK employee, that’s for sure – but everything can happen in this shitty world. I know TVLK isn’t secure about their data, especially its own employees, because when I was there I have access to hotels’ private information despite me being some kind of office’s statue who did nothing but sitting in front of laptop watching desktop screen. My hypothesis is the TVLK agreeing INDIE Bank’s offer on making their employees credit cards and then voila this happened.

But one thing still remains mystery.
How the heck they write a random mosque’s address as my home address.
That chimpanzee must be an idiot.