This is exactly what I thought when I saw his photo album shared by a lot of people in my fb timeline. I didn’t see status about being published in TIME Magazine or his boastful comments, but I have already felt there was something wrong in it. I was like, ‘OK’, in first pic when he portrait himself standing alone in the middle of mess, but then when I scrolled, I felt even more disgusted. Carrying bag? Taking picture of person “shopping like normal person in the middle of abandoned market”? What’s the point of taking a magazine rack when there was a “men’s magazine” in front of it? It didn’t feel like I was seeing a honest person wanted people in the world to know the state of Fukushima right now or the danger of nuclear fallout. It felt totally different than when I saw Chernobyl’s.

For urban exploration and photography, I recommend to you, dear readers. He has really nice photo and nice story in his blog.

Desu Awaits Us All

Hello, Mr. Loong.

You don’t know me, but–

Actually, perhaps you do know me. I’m the random nobody who, on Thursday, July 14, spoke out against your irredeemably reckless and irresponsible actions in Fukushima. Upon receiving such criticism, your knee-jerk reaction was to silence me by banning me from your photo album and deleting my post, which was wildly “liked” within mere minutes because it contained a truth that you could not bear to come to terms with. I wish I still had a copy of it lying around, but unfortunately, there’s not a trace of it left, thanks to your attempt at censorship.

I want to direct your attention to a post you recently made on your Facebook:


Can you tell me what’s wrong with this?

No? I’ll tell you. You claim in your description of the photo album that you want to “spread the awareness of the danger in [sic]…

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