Sight from 7th Floor Building in the Western Jakarta

Sight from 7th Floor Building in the Western Jakarta

Day #20

As always, taken by my beloved N8 Camera Phone. I think it’s much better than – say – Samsung’s 12+megapixel camera, although this one looks really plain. I should have edited the contrast.

For those who are familiar with this city, they can immediately tell where I work. I love the sight itself, and initial desk I was working: far from people, isolated, directly in contact with window so I could take a glance to see what had happened below in toll road and how many times car horns could be heard. Sadly I don’t have that kind of view again yesterday. They decided to move the seat to the center of the room and I no longer had beautiful view without awkwardly tilting my head or just going out four meters to the window. Even though I still can see the road outside, it’s not as good as before.

If one of you ask me, how is working in Jakarta? I’ll say, terrible. Not only what I have predicted since last year all come true, I have no joy getting up from bed to work. First day working I got up excitedly at five thirty dressed in formal shirt, but then now I wake up at seven thirty in just sandals and one-week unwashed blue jacket. May be in the end of this month I will just slide quietly from bed at ten in untidy shirts and shorts.

I don’t know what I expect anymore. I was once scolded to tears that what I’d volunteered night before had been called off as ‘disrupting the work flow‘ – although I really wanted to give a lolwut expression when not long after the senior designer asked the other about exactly the things I’ve worked before. And I am here just…

Yea, perhaps I should stop being so creative, stop being so curious. Why should I spend energy on something that is not ordered? All I need to do now is just follow the orders and shut my mouth unless is asked.

At this time, I can only repeat what I’ve written in the Day#1. Don’t reject society, it wastes your time and energy. Then when it comes to it, all we have to do is calm down and accept all the negativity, then think about what we can do to swim against the stream. This is Jakarta. And I’m alone by myself. Surely I can do something about this.