Day 7

There’s just an inner drive to hung the rosary given by my uncle above the (food) cabinet. I saw it fitting, so I let it be. Every morning when I woke up, I will immediately see it and remind me about the One hung on the cross. Oof, yea, despite I still hate people who quote or bring any Bible verses out of conversation context and whatnot, I didn’t hate the religion itself. There’s a saying, “you’ll need to feel it yourself”. Even smallest miracle or a gentle touch from Lord that you never imagined before – that is enough to prove that the Lord is with you and will always be. That is why, to renew the candle that is almost died, I started to read some verses every night just like I always did years before… although some times I forgot to do it because too exhausted with sudden change of lifestyle.

Speaking of faith, have you ever heard Indonesian Muslim’s “Call of Prayer”? The Call itself is called “Adzan“, “Adhan” or Azan – a reminder for all brethren to pray five times a day (Salat or we localize it as either shalat or sholat). Basically, it is recited by muezzin from the minaret of a mosque in the form of song-like invocation to “bring to the mind of every believer and non-believer the substance of Islamic beliefs, or its spiritual ideology”. Indonesia, which has largest Muslim populations that is often mistaken as Muslim country, usually performs adzan faithfully according to Islamic rules not only in major cities but also in small towns. Five times a day, adzan echoed from every mosque’s minarets during ISLAM time (Isa – Subuh – Lohor – Ashar – Maghrib… although they might want to debate whether this is a coincidence or not. The English one doesn’t really fit well, I think). It has good intention and well-versed message if you happen to look at it but…

The problem is the freaking loudness. Multiply it by the number of mosques around the area.

Especially in developing country like Indonesia who still adopt jungle principle that “louder is better”, the adzan may become your wake up alarm every Subuh (dawn before sunrise, approximately 4AM) – even before that because of the tape played something in Arabic thirty to forty five minutes before the actual adhan just for whatever reason. Last time I recorded it with my cell, it lasted for fucking one hour and a half since 3:40AM to 5:10AM and I can never have another good sleep after that because I have to go to work. It’s so frustrating when it happened. Almost every dawn, you will jump from bed surprised because of sudden loud incantation in Arabic with the loudness compared to a passing train – from a tape, even. Sometimes in special occasions like Eid, the loudspeaker is set to max volume, dead in the midnight, with a small child reciting prayers with a scream or the muezzin just tell whole lecture so even you don’t have any choice but to listen – often, he compares one religion to another, which I found very disturbing.

Fifty percent volume’s bar with Metallica Song and Sennheiser’s noise canceler won’t help you. Not even cotton wool or your thumbs on your ears. Sadly, even though there is some regulations about this problem, they aren’t strong enough to make them obey. It has no power to control the mass – instead, the one who suggested it would be called either heretic or something unpleasant and will receive “social punishment” by majority of people. There are several cases that end up being taken to law court, but it is always won by the mosque elders. Indeed that some cases ended in peace, but the risk is too big. So, in the end, we are the ones who need to adjust ourselves. That means, your body needs to adapt to the everyday-loudness-at-3:30-AM-to-5:10-AM: deal with it or leave Indonesia for good.