Day #5

It’s quite surprising for me that I come to like living alone in small room. Parents have provided me with anything I needed and Mom did the packing for me (although I have told her I can buy or borrow instead of bringing everything including pillow… not that I objected – I love my cow plush). My most favorite thing in my new room is the window. I decided to set the mattress in a certain position so that my eyes will see the window every time I woke up. When the sun rises it’ll immediately blind me… oops. Good for alarm-clock substitute if these phone alarms fail me.

That “eye of the day” (literal translation of Malay/Bahasa “Matahari” or the sun) rises from bottom of the window up to the top. I remembered it was around 7AM when that blinding light forced me to wake up. It slowly climbed up until it disappeared right before I went to work at 9AM. Fascinating sight! Truly beautiful… too bad I don’t have good camera to record it properly, so here I share these pictures instead.

About living in this city, I truly… despise few things. My mind had told me that I wanted to go back, despite I really enjoy living alone, because people here seemed to forget about common sense. First was about mosque’s loudspeaker and second about workplace. But let’s leave them alone for now. I often thinks this is how adults do: 10 to 12 hours working, few hours for household chores and groceries, 6 to 8 hours sleep, and the rest is “me-time” which is a bit tight unless it is Saturday or Sunday. The saddest thing is I can no longer spend time drawing anymore. The mood disappears once I am inside bedroom, since when I see the clock I immediately think “oh, it’s 10PM already. Working 2 hours for a piece? Nah, let’s just forget it already. My speed to complete one drawing is about 8-hours nonstop and I don’t like leaving one drawing unfinished within a day. Let’s play game instead until I can finally sleep”. I hope the art-block and these thought don’t last long…