Happy New Year 2016!
Let this year gives humanity all common sense! Rough year ahead, folks! Be sure you prepare yourselves for the worst and let us survive together!

…I gotta admit I’ve cheated this post by utilizing wordpress’ tool rather than waiting all night just to slam publish button at 1.1.2016 00:00 AM. Oh well, starting 4th January, I will move to capital city to work – meaning I’ll live alone in “the most dangerous city in the world” –  but hey, I don’t have any choice. While I’m grateful there is a company trust me enough with the position, I don’t know anything about them. Judging from odd lengthy interview session which was more like a business-major graduation colloquium, I start thinking if I’ll work for something I don’t like even a bit. Nyerk. I need money since I’ve spent so much to buy new laptop at the very end of the year (HDD failure, not recoverable. RIP BENQ), so I have no option but to do it. To the hell I go, will go.

That sums up entire 2015 and my random foresight of what will happen in 2016. No longer I believe in people saying all about flowery bullnyerk  I am constantly reminded that people don’t want to know what you go through as long as their goals are fulfilled. This post is last year’s. I’ve already lost my will to run. Depression hits me hard in 2015 but let’s take a look at what I wrote back then…

  • become a human with a God since watching the soap opera is tiring and I need a companion
  • Graduate because it is mandatory, whatever it takes
  • Having fun, since being dirty is not my call.

Not the first one. Now I feel like I can hate everyone who suddenly quoting Bible verses or preaching, especially when someone is under the weather. I come to understand that rather than arguing with them, it’s better to agree about whatever they said just to close discussion as quickly as possible for friendship’s sake. ShucksThe second one, I’ve graduated already with zero-feeling of accomplishment. But the good news is I have fun in game I played. Even though I abhor retarded people in MMOs, at least killing is pretty legal there.

Onward to 2016 resolution, I have no will to be a better person, so here I list what I want instead:

  • money
  • DSLR Camera or a quadcopter mounted with high-reso camera
  • fast internet. Since I think I’m OK with the laptop I bought with my own money.
  • I’m pretty serious about wanting to go to Chernobyl.
  • I guess my outdated phone can’t install Pokemon-GO. A new smartphone then. I want a Charizard.
  • Intuos got one hell of a price. My old bamboo pen got problem with its cable, I think buying this one is a priority.
  • Since I’ll be my own, I want to capture my observation on sketches and post them all here. A coffee shop interior, staying at a bridge sketching some ojek drivers sitting under the bridge… It won’t be that bad, right? This “Junkyard” will turn into something more useful than a place to throw away my senseless rants.
  • May be some photographs and pictures too. I don’t have any camera other than my old little Nokia N8, but I can still capture something good.

Welp. Here we go. Pretty simple huh? But with my so-called-6m-salary-which-I-dunno-if-they-still-cut-for-tax-and-healthcare-etc, I don’t think I can fulfill them all in one year even I save all the money, haha.