vnyx's improvement meme 2006 to 2015

vnyx’s improvement meme 2006 to 2015

…I forgot to change the title in the pic, supposed to be 2006 to 2015.

Anyway! Here is my art improvement meme I did since 2010. I had some old drawings stored in my old Pentium3 computer (mostly 2006), so I included them there to see how much I improved since then. From my perspective, my level-up was really slow. Took me about ten years to get used to digital drawing, but my laziness prevented me to get in par with Master Juno. Perhaps it was because I didn’t aim for something big with my art, nor I wanted to be a professional artist in the future (there is a story about this but let us forget that thing for now).

Technically, there is little improvement about my style. I remember very clearly that one day my high school’s art teacher said something like “ah, this is vnyx’s drawing” even without seeing the detail. I bet he was true. The major improvement was in coloring technique, I guess. The eyes and nose changed slightly in finished paintings, but I still kept the simpler anime-style one in B&W drawing and doodles. Background…? I still hate doing background.

The full story is below “read me” as usual.

Before I share my story, perhaps you want to know about my – uh – background. Sixteen was second year in senior high school and I entered freshman year in 2008. I started drawing since I was in playground, but I remember very well I was introduced digital drawing when I entered high school. All the drawings there were done traditionally, photographed them with digital camera, and then spread some color by mouse in photoshop. In later year, 2007 to 2008, I managed to borrow (may be bought?) a scanner. At that time I did some comic drafts  (which story was pretty absurd) and was introduced about deviantArt site by my sister. I browsed digital coloring tutorials from deviantArtists and (I think) my coloring improved a lot.

I went to college in 2008 and graduated in 2012. During freshman year, I still went on traditional (mix) media, at this time I saved up some penny to buy a proper drawing book. You can see I developed a liking toward BAROQUE theme and created an avatar (that green-haired young man wielding a bow in 2009, represented me and my uni’s archery club). During sophomore year, I entered Canvas-Ranger roleplaying group in deviantArt and I gotta admit it changed my life. Because of super inspiration from the group, I bought my first tablet (the same one I use until now)  in 2010. But the dA-rama happened since then. It peaked around 2011 to CR’s disbandment in 2012. My original character (that one with brown-hair I drew a lot since 2010) got the most change since his creation – and from there alone you could see how my mind state turned to be. I also evolved my avatar because of those drama and real life problems, from a mellow-looking teen to a psychopath-looking kid with odd smile. The color palette turned saturated all of sudden and they become all dark.

It went darker and bloodier during first months of 2013, where I ended my job as illustrator in certain game company because they dumped all my artworks for the project without my knowledge. I was so bitter of it even until now that I deleted those art I made for them permanently from my computer – but unknown to me, they used them in the game promotional artbook without my permission. Oh well, those were theirs after all, so I could only pray I didn’t see any of it again. That demotivation was enough to keep me from drawing as often as before. But the change of pace gave me extra time to experiment and draw for fun – for me – that I discover the style I wanted.

Even after I decided to take graduate study, I still had many free time to draw to my liking without worrying about my future. I am rather proud with my work in 2013 to 2014. There were ups and downs, but since I got my hand empty during those graduate years – without any supervisors to look at my work – I ended up procrastinate a lot by drawing. These years, I managed to finish few one-shot comics which I planned to sell in the next comic convention. But I was desperate they weren’t sold at all despite of my hard work. 2015 was the worst. Left without any motivation to continue my comic and drawing due to lack of appreciation (yes, artists need those too sometimes, especially when their expectation fell to zero), I ditched the dream of applying a job as artist and thinking of becoming a researcher instead. But somehow, God forbade, and here I am thinking about becoming a potato.

I don’t want to stop drawing since it is the only thing I have and I love. I will still draw comic even if there is no one read it. But I need money to shut my parents’ mouth from asking the same damn thing every morning (also that intuos is pricey and my laptop needs an upgrade). So, today I will ditch all my dreams and get whatever job, being paid, buy pc gaming, buy intuos, buy audio-technica set, buy good internet connection, make a credit-card, link it to paypal, buy rpg maker mv, and draw to my heart content.