Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I update this blog…
…looks like every time I decide to write about something here, it always ends up as the first sentence -_-;

If you wonder where I am these months, I tried hard to finish what I’d started two years ago – and yesterday I finally graduated! Two and half years of pain and thirst of knowledge that is not quenched! It ends! And now I can start my life anew, thinking what path should I take for the sake of my own future.

Okay, enough chitchat, let’s get back to the topic I want to share to you guys, fellow readers!

I remember last year was a good year. There were some rain and nice weathers, the sun shone gently from above. Yep. At least, last year I didn’t experience the feeling of melting on the sofa whenever I took a nap. This year is the year of… “revenge of the earth’s nearest star upon the human kind“. Drought, the media said. 30+ degree Celcius yesterday in Bandung and today I scream (internally) on how I want a freaking huge air conditioner in my bedroom. The “drought” happened since months ago, I think. I remember some gardeners and farmers in Tegallega Park complained about the vegetable being so dry and they had to pump water for their farm with rented diesel engines. Veggies’ price skyrocketed and the harvest wasn’t really good. And tomatoes…! Goodness…!

Tomatoes everywhere!

It is pretty much like summer although I live in equator. Tomatoes, watermelons, melons, starfruits… some fruits are so cheap and delicious despite the drought. The sun is so kind to plants that flowers bloom almost everywhere. In October, these cute flowers bloom beautifully in Bandung, especially Braga and around – uh – everywhere, making my hometown covered in golden yellow color. I didn’t take any pic since I often forgot to bring my camera, so here I link you [the Braga golden shower four days ago] from fellow Bandung blogger.

Information about tabebuia from wikipedia. Beautiful picture from pohonpengetahuan.com since I haven’t managed take any picture of it.

The tree is called Tabebuia (Tabebuia cassinoides), a plant native to Brazil. I remember someone in social media shared a pink Tabebuia in Surabaya some years ago – most people mistook it as sakura :D. They really do resemble one, since tabebuias often shred their skin leaves before their flowers bloom. In Bandung, these yellow “sakura” pop in the middle of October (I always see them bloom during the day of October graduation).

Moral of the story: if you are a student from ITB and want to be congratulated by tabebuia flowers, you can graduate in October

Not only tabebuias, the plants in my front yard also bloom magnificently. The pictures below are taken by my Nokia N8 camera. A bit outdated than my sister’s Samsung android camera, but still good enough. I consider borrowing her Nikon DSLR, but unfortunately bringing that thing around during a trip is too much hassle.