I would want to say, no. Most Indonesians are racist pterodactyls who only help because they are similar and will close the door to refugees with different beliefs. Let’s take an example, Oz sent some boats back to Indon water because Abott disliked them (sarcastic remarks). Was there any Indonesians shout tirelessly for their human right and provide place? Wasn’t it “refugees with same belief” that get more attention – tons of ’em? Then about people in Papua (no kebabs) whose mosque was being burnt and rebuilt with lotsa of money from donation… while here in Java (majority of them loves kebabs), churches WERE being burnt just because they didn’t like to have the building to stand among their closed community. I can only hope I’m not right, but heck, the fact is damn clear.

I know there are friends with different belief who are humanitarians. But I also happen to know many of my “friends” with same belief as me who think otherwise. God forbid – and I believe He is pretty sad about this – that humans should help their brethren and ignore the others. It is true that we should help the brethren first then strangers. But God never told us to shun the strangers because they are not our brethren. If you are doing so, then you are either a hypocrite Pharisee or a Sadducee.

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  1. I try to write this in English (not in Bahasa Indonesia) so that a lot of people able to put their thoughts about this matter. I cannot write good English because I’m a particle physicist 🙂 I’m kinda scary to write an English article because my girlfriend is a grammar nazi and yeah… But at least I tried…
  2. I don’t have any demographic data at the moment, so if you want nice article with numbers, you go to the wrong place. I can give you numbers on the new mass limit of the new physics in CERN though.
  3. I don’t have any affiliation with anyone interesting (either some sort of beliefs, political party, or any of that shit, you name it). I’m with myself in this one. Just me and my mind in this small office in Sweden.
  4. I should probably write more physics than this bullshit, but yeah…

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