*clears throat* One, Two, and One Two Three!
Ah! Good day, everyone and all the readers who happen to pass by. Greetings to you, ladies and gentlemen all ’round the world. As the fourteenth year of the two millennia in history has ended, let me congratulate you for passing through the most, ye – the most ridiculous year and welcome the fifteenth!

Happy New Year 2015!
Let this year gives you all the fluff, cottons, and happiness

First of all, what I should say – *opens a cheat sheet and clears throat* Oh, yes, I should reflect on myself in last year and move on to a promise and resolution for this year. Forth, and here we go! Click this and you’ll be redirected to my last year’s post, 1.1.2014 and… don’t stare at it too much or your eyes will burn! Quick, turn your gaze to this post again, and follow my lead.

Okay, second of all, let me get you a quick review about last days of 2014 – as usual, bad news happen. I don’t want to tell whole story without adding some rage on it, since if someone happened to google that “keyword”, my reputation will be like rolling down the hill and heated arguments will be all over my dash… OH WAIT, this paragraph is just a copy and paste from earlier post! How uncreative of me! Alright, here I go with the actual review of 2014. Give grand applause for the year of….!


Ah? Looks like I don’t read it wrong today, how strange… Hmm, what is this written in very awful handwriting. Let me read it for you…

  1. Year of discrimination, gender wars, feminism and sexism, war in the name of religion and racism
  2. Year of fanaticism, chauvinism, and full of lies
  3. Year of hypocrisy, naivety, and blind idealism
  4. Year of disaster, transportation accidents, and conspiracy

Oh whoa, that is a very amazing list I wrote here. Let us review one by one… The first one is year of discrimination. Perhaps you will quickly agree with me if I state a keyword: “Michael Brown”. Perhaps more than that, since last year is the sign of fight for feminism and gender equality especially in US. The war in the name of religion? You should be reminded of Islamic State who launched terrorism and genocide just in the name of ‘religion’. Racism? Oh, that is a very ancient issue that will never be settled. That is for the world, I guess. As for me?? Oh *stifle laughter* of course I’m part of it! There’s nothing like gender wars in my case, since I am rather hikki. But the religion thing is pretty much true, remember the old days I just want to, like, puke. Six days ago, that is. Ah, people never learn nor change. They will defend themselves like they are the most righteous people in the earth.

Year of fanaticism! People, hark, what had happened during Presidential Election in 2014. ‘Tis Indonesia, truest color, people – even in the family – hate each other just because they share different idea about two candidates and if you missed the news, some people feared 1998 would erupt once again that they flew to other country to save themselves. Ye, this presidential election war ended superbly and people looked content with that. But because of that, the weeks of hell, I am forced to unfriend people in my social media – a sign that I don’t fucking care anymore and that didn’t give me any benefit! Chauvinism! The lies and praises are too big to be understood. I am rather naive about this, perhaps media knows better.

Moving to another one, hypocrisy! This should be saved later – if you can peek into my brain right now, you can see it very clearly why I said it is all just hypocrisy! The impact is enough for me to reconsider my future and dream, that if I followed my ideal it would be hellish. Perhaps I was being too naive. Perhaps it is better if I, say, become a NEET or an artist, photographer, something I like to do… Looking back at my thesis, which should be done this year – or next – I wonder about that. What is exactly the “that” I’m talking about? Oh, boy, monsieur, if I tell you publicly like this, perhaps I have become the most hatoful fiend on earth. No one wants to listen to it, anyway. It’s just an old news with old system. If you observe it closer, you’ll know eventually.

Year of disaster! Too frigging much ships sinks and planes crashed and look at the handling by officials – it is a bit laughble. Too much wars and looks like the economy is also crippling. Too much discrimination on court, where laws are like a game and people only care about money-making. Some of idealists are sticking to their idealism blindly without seeing the reality, those who stay awake to the real world forget about what they can do to repair it. We are living in a society where we can only follow the system, corrupt or not. Keep your ideal, you’re losing. Keep the reality, you won’t be moving. Me? I’m here whistling – where’s my popcorn, dear? The world’s like a good comedic soap opera. I want to watch it to the end.

Do I sense sarcasm here? No, dear, no. I’m just talking like past me, 2014’s me. Now, let’s see… who am I now?

Now, now, let”s see… *stares at the cheat sheet* Oh! The resolution!

  1. finished thesis’s research by the end of the year. (this is quite predictable)
    LOL NO
  2. finished one artwork per month. (this is really what I have promised since three years ago)
    AWWW YISS some are doodles but who cares.
  3. finished one complete work. (this is also part of my promise since high-school)
    I HAVE! AND SOLD IT! three of it but I won’t share them here heh heh
  4. going back to Japan for two weeks. (this is really what I will do since I have paid my flight-tickets)
    …if I didn’t fly, someone needs to return me the flight ticket
  5. going to Sweden as exchange student (I know it’s a contract between ITB and Bores but…)
    LOL NO
  6. become one with Kyuubei
    I’ve become such an asshole this year it means I’ve become one with Kyuubei
  7. let’s see if I get scholarship or not…
    I regretted myself I got it

Look at those incredible resolutions I made last year! Perhaps I was rather insane when wrote those! Ah, let’s see… hmm…. — sheesh, screw writing it all over again, let’s move the cursor over there and type something like a boss… THERE! With bolds and strikes! Perfect! Looks like I wrote “LOL NO” twice. Do you want to know why? LOL NO. Why I should ever tell you – *being choked to death* – I… I mean, the reason behind it is pretty nasty so I don’t want to share any… now let me just move on to the 2015’s New Year Resolution!

  1. Become a human with a God since watching the soap opera is tiring and I need a companion
  2. Graduate because it is mandatory, whatever it takes
  3. Having fun, since being dirty is not my call.

There! Only three, but personal projects are quite many, including one artworks per month and one published complete work in a year. I have to graduate since it is mandatory or my scholarship will be taken down, so… *stifles laughter* Oh, no, no, don’t mind me… It is fun to see you guys next – err, I mean, this year.