It’s been quite a long time since I write something here– First, let me tell you a good season greetings from Indonesia:


This year has been a troublesome year, but thank God I have passed it successfully! There are blessings, there are storms and turbulence, but everything is being kept safe in God’s Hands. I thank Jesus Christ for being my Savior, a Father who can hold me tight during those dark times and keep peace in me until to-day. I am glad I can finally at rest in the end of the year without losing my sanity, to calm down and be able to write something positive here in this blog.

I have an urge to taint this post with some more black notch but let’s leave them for the end of the year and New Year Resolution. Below “read more” was simply a rant.

This year’s Christmas has been very quiet since I spend my time here at home, without being able to step outside because of the traffic jam in front of my home, especially Jalan PETA, Bandung, during Christmas night that we didn’t manage to get to Christmas Eve Celebration (Mass) because of that. Stuck for two hours and we couldn’t get moving even an inch for twenty minutes. The mass had ended before we could get pass Jalan Peta. The traffic jam wasn’t caused by the flood or anything I suspected it to be, but because ignorant fools were passing red light near the junction and caused a total deadlock. The police wasn’t there until about nine o’clock at night and probably they didn’t care enough. Ye, that summed up my Christmas this year. I should have stayed at home, playing Christmas Carol on CD.

Speaking of Christmas, it was that time again in the year when Indonesian people argued same thing every fucking year in social media. (Not) Apparently, Muslim leaders banned Christmas greetings to their fellow Christian friends because they believe saying Christmas wishes is haram. I don’t really care if I get it or not, but this year it was getting awful and absurd – perhaps I just want all readers across the globe to know how it is like being Christian celebrating Nativity in Indonesia. Talk about the most sensitive thing I could be flamed about.

I believe it started when MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) or to shorten it up – representative of Islam religion in Indonesia, a part of official government body – branded Christmas greetings haram years ago, complete with the law and reasoning. It became such a hot debate that year, but I didn’t really pay attention to it because I hadn’t had many Muslim friends at that time – I just saw it rather absurd and foolish, but well “as long as it doesn’t bother me, why would I bother“, something like that. But after years, it went full-force and it may or may not affect me in many ways.

in the Christmas Eve, I received a phone call from a sensei if I go to campus that day or not and a junior asked me about what was wrong with that. Seriously, I have had worse during my time in T**ker, where I passed Christmas nights to work for almost all day for something they would ditch a week after. It wasn’t really a bother, if I didn’t see everyone (most of hard-liners)’s behavior during Christmas. People began avoiding wishing Christmas greetings like it was a filth. It doesn’t affect anyone whether they want to greet us or not, but this kind of attitude every fucking year is nasty.Doesn’t it mean they don’t even pay a respect? I’m not even paid enough to set aside annual celebration to work while I have asked them to give me all the works I need to do fucking two weeks before Christmas (and my sis’s wedding) – it would have been finished before Christmas and none would ever get fucking angry.

I was simply enraged but can’t do anything: Seeing how I critically experienced all the discrimination since January this year until the end of the year, I thought of nothing but what the hell, people!? People said, if you experience such things, speak it up! That sentence is utterly bullshit. When they turn a blind eye on reality we are facing: who are they to care? The proof was during so-called “leadership program for shaping next generation of Indonesian leaders” where all non-Muslims were forced to stay outside the mosque and listen to the lecture and no Sunday sermons in Sunday AND bypassing “Hari Raya Nyepi” like it was nothing (a celebration for Hindu people) when there was clearly one fellow friend a Hindu, but given privileges for all Muslim to attend worships five times a day while inviting a religious “ulama” leader to give a speech like we are all 17-years-old-Muslim-boys. Have I stated it was government program? Aye. Speak up and you’ll never be given scholarship, shut up and you’ll be given one. What would people choose? Shut up, because I need you but you can always replace me with another person. That is how the world plays. I don’t know about today’s program whether they have revised it or not, but that doesn’t change the fact they have done it.

Whines and protests are the result of discrimination. Discrimination is the result of injustice. And injustice is the result of…what? Isn’t it because of collective selfishness? Those who thought themselves being prosecuted demanded higher standards, and those who stand higher either turn deaf ear or defend themselves from offensive pleas. Will it ever meet? No. See Ferguson.

For fellow Muslim friends whom I hold dear, keep our friendship good. Don’t let us be ruined just because of the difference or our different belief – don’t let the hatred seeps into us, and pray to whomever you worship a wisdom to treat everyone’s heart as mild as a human’s heart. This year might be shitty and there is huge probability I will act very selfish next year just because I’m tired of all this, but I wish us a better world.