Hello, it’s been a long time since I posted something that directly came to my mind. Usually I bundled these nasty feeling deep inside, like planting potatoes, but I let it go for now. It’s purely my own opinion, not anyone else’s. I wrote this based on my experience and observation, not taken from any other website. It contains some nasty things and every bad news you want to hear and – yes – it is something I’m thinking of since March. I thought this is an important reminder to myself… hopefully all human beings on planet Earth.

If you ever google (like I do right now out of curiosity) “positive thinking” in English, you may find a wikipedia article in English and one in Bahasa Indonesia. It is a good summary article about Norman Vincent Peale, the “progenitor of Positive Thinking” according to wikipedia. The most interesting one is in later part of the article about his works’ critique, but I’ll leave it in the next section. Then now, if you google “berpikir positif” (Bahasa Indonesia for thinking positively – I thought it is the same) you’ll be directed at a list of Peale’s famous book “The Power of Positive Thinking” translated into Bahasa. You can also find some websites mentioning about how thinking positively will make you feel powerful and all.

First, let me share my own experience on this “positive thinking”. I’m talking about my country here since I live here where this very culture that shapes me into what I am now. During my junior high years, I was often being lectured on how to think positively. I remember when I said that I might have bad grades in Math since I couldn’t do it well in exam, a friend will cheer me up by saying “think positively!”. When I stumbled into problems, a person will say “think positively, may be it is a hidden blessing”. During my teenage years, I often heard about ‘positive thinking’ that it became part of this country’s culture. So often that famous motivators always mention something like this in their talk – at least once. In relationship or work, think positively becomes some kind of a chant to deliver all evils and negativity and “look at the bright side of the road” as it will make you feel powerful to finish your task and go on living.

So what’s wrong with it? We have to think positively, right? Yeah. Always think from negative side will make your head hurts like being stomped by Godzilla and thinking the opposite will make your problem get worse sometimes. I’ve experienced enough the power of “positive thinking”, something that drive me to keep on going and believe everything is all right in the end. I “look at the brighter side” of someone I used to hate, and contemplate if they have their own misery and everything. It’s not bad. Really. Not bad for those with brains.

Read more on your own risk: warning – strong language

With the help of social media and forum comments, I realized that my country has weird culture called “positive thinking”. It is not only for Christian, where Peale was a minister before, but also other religions (don’t worry, I’m not going to discuss about religion or your belief). First I want you to read something. I found an article in Bahasa Indonesia, from Merdeka.com about tips to think positively which was directly translated from Huffington. There are blogs in Bahasa Indonesia which covered on how to think positively and the impact to improve your life experience. The prominent idea are giving thanks, look at the brighter side, do positive things, driving away all negative things, and so on. If you look at them – of course – there’s nothing wrong with positive thinking. Peale’s view on positive thinking is substantial and might be true to increase our happiness – who wouldn’t! Giving thanks and do positive things are two of my favorites! But, let’s be sharper – I’ll twist your mind a little.

If I were to quote a sentence that represent my thought right now, it would be wikipedia’s “Meyer noted Peale’s influence over his followers began when “Peale had ‘discovered’ the power of suggestion over the human mind…” That sentence sums up everything I want to write here.

I learned word “suggestion” in high school. I often heard it time to time from a close friend of mine who was quite pessimistic but she kept saying she wanted to ‘self-suggest’ herself in order to feel better. After some time before graduation, I couldn’t help but getting irked by that “self-suggestion” word. What it was, I thought, it was not quite different than hypnotizing yourself. Note that I am not a psychologist or person from social education background so I might be wrong with terms and whatnot. All I want to say, while self-suggestion and self-hypnotize are good for some reasons, you can’t rely on them all the time.

Let me give you a good example: ISIS. Al-Qaeda. Genocide. Hitler. Murder. Racism. Fanaticism. World War. Hm, what else. I am told in a seminary about how we need positive thinking in all aspect of our live which means we only have to sleep 2.5 hours a day since “2.5 hours sleep a day will wake your creativity!”

It’s a very creative way to die young!

Please tell me you understand sarcasm.

Welp, I’m thinking positively right now – thanks to Hitler. If the Jews are all killed, we have done justice!”That kind of statement.. do you really think it doesn’t exist? It does. It’s funny, alright? I want to laugh. If you want to prove I am wrong, please go to a certain site and praise Jews in that site, you’ll be flamed in an instant. I think I will be flamed too sooner or later. What? I’m not negative-thinking or counter-positive whatsoever. It is fact.

First of all, I’m really sorry for all Jews – butthis is what I hear from my surrounding. “Hail Hitler”. “Kill all the Jews”. “Buldoze Jerusalem”, “Save Palestine”. If I extend the scope, I also hear something like, “Go Fuck yourself Chinese”, “Wipe out Chinese”, “Chinese are Corrupt”. Don’t ever think only racism are perceived as positive, even science can go to hell. Recently I saw a bs video about ‘free-energy’ which can harvest energy from nothingness for the better Indonesia – every comments praised the video author for his brilliant idea but when one science nerd mentioned about how it is such a bs, he is getting tons of hate messages. “Support this project!” they said, “This is to work of an Indonesian man and will be used to prosper our country! Don’t be fooled by other nations, we are sleeping giants so wake the fuck up!!”. The most extreme one was “The law of physics are bullshit!” comment in youtube. Hilarious! Please judge and laugh

Thinking positively without logic and by fact will make you BLIND.

Thinking without logic and by fact will make you FUCKING BLIND.

NB: Sorry for the uncensored swearing. I am taught that people know what it means and will read the censored one aloud in their head so I’m not going to hold back.