Since I am a lurker in some websites with many users come from America, I’ve been forced to see some comments and posts about something so trivial for human beings. I don’t know if my view to their matter is regarded as ancient or offensive, I’m afraid I will cast hatred and spark more illogical arguments. But as a person coming from a certain nation in Southeast Asia which still >although sometimes unsuccessfully< upholds cultural diversity and “ancient teaching”, I dare to say that I am not on their side. Think fundamentally and define what makes something that thing.

    • Anyone with XX genes are called female. If you are a trans or cis or cos or sin or tan or whatever but you have an XX genes, you are a woman. End of discussion.
    • Anyone with XY genes are called male. If you are a trans or cis or cos or hode or wear a dress or makeup but you have an XY genes, you are a male. End of discussion. If you have gene mutation, say, XXX or XXY, you are a mutant.
    • Anyone with weight less than health standard or recommendation is called anorexia.
    • Anyone with weight more than health standard or recommendation is called fatty.
    • Anyone with albino gene is called an albino.
    • Anyone with caucasian gene is called a white person or caucasian.
    • Anyone with mongolian gene is called an asian.
    • Anyone with negroid gene is called a negro or black person.
    • Anyone who born in China and have a Chinese passport or identification is called a Chinese.
    • Anyone who born in any other country but is a mongolian is called an asian-blood.
    • Anyone whose parents born in China but live in another country and have a kid there is called a Chinese-descent.
    • Anyone who born in America and have American passport and has right to elect American president is called an American.
    • Anyone who born in Africa and have American passport and has right to elect American president is called an American.
    • Anyone who worship Allah and practice Islamic law, you are an Islam.
    • Anyone who worship God and believe in God the Father, Christ, and Holy Spirit, you are a Christian. If you practice Lutheran way of interpreting Holy Bible you are a Lutheran, if you obey Catholic way you are a Catholic.
    • Anyone who worship and obey Hindu tradition is a Hindu.
    • Anyone who practices Tripitaka and believes in Buddha you are called Buddhist.
    • Anyone whose female got pregnant and milking their babies are called mammals.
    • Anyone who walks with four feet, barks, carnivorous and may be infected with rabies is either called a dog or a bitch.
    • Anyone who meows, carnivorous, and walks with four feet and whose children are called kittens are a cat.
    • Anyone who plays a game whether it is NOKIA’s snake, facebook games, 2048, Tetris, pac-man, or Assassin Creed is called a gamer.
    • Anyone who spend 24 hours on a certain game until their death, collect everything provided by the developer team and replay the game without being bored  is called a gamer. You may extend it as a YOLO-gamer.
    • Anyone who cannot move from one place unless you are moved, you are static. You may be everything ranged from a thing, a chair, a sloth, an internet addict, a college student who meets deadline, or anything.
    • Anyone who cannot move from one place and photosynthesize, you are a plant
    • Anyone whose body consist of C,H,O atoms, you are an organic chemical.
    • Anyone who has electron surrounding you are called a matter.
    • Anyone who live in earth are called earthlings.

If you are called by something not of your criteria, you may want to correct them. For example, if someone call you a bitch, please correct them by saying something like “I’m sorry I am bipedal”. Another example, if someone call you a HOMO, please do correct them by telling either “I am really sorry I am neither at low or high orbital state” or agree with them by saying “Yes, I am a HOMO sapiens”. Cheers.