Stamp Album and Spoils from Bandung Stamp Show

Stamp and Postcard Album

I know stamps when I was an elementary student, about 10 or 11. It was when my Indonesian teacher gave us assignment to bring some stamps to be re-decorated on a sheet of paper just like all philatelist did. My mom was (and still is) a philatelist — or for more correct usage of word, stamp collector. She got two albums full of beautiful stamps and showed me airmails from aunt and uncle from Taiwan and China. It was when I decided to be a stamp collector too, inheriting some of my mom’s stamps and trade with friends at school. Back then, there was no internet or cellphone – everything was sent by letter and postcard. Even after (elementary school) graduation, I often sent Christmas cards to my friends by post – although our houses are not that far.

After cellphone and internet become primary-needs for a student, I almost forgot the existence of stamps and my collection. I often admire them sometimes, but I didn’t have chance to collect more. My aunts from China and Taiwan stopped sending airmails since there were e-mails and phones. Taiwan and Indonesian political condition wasn’t really good too back then.

stamp collection2

my stamp and postcard collection so far

Then last year I had an opportunity to go to Ishikawa, Japan, for workshop. I start Hello Kitty strap collection after Ken-san told me there were different Hello Kitty straps specially made for each city in Japan. After Kanazawa-HK-strap and Kenrokuen-HK-strap, I also began HK hunting every time I visit different city in Japan. I didn’t know what to do with the coins because they couldn’t be exchanged with IDR, so I spent the rest of Japanese coins for Kanazawa postcard set at airport. And this year, I had another opportunity to visit Japan again, but in different city. Hello Kitty hunt began – I got Osaka HK strap, Umeda station HK strap, and Kyoto HK limited edition strap – although there were many special town-edition Hello Kitty I saw, I couldn’t afford all of them. It was when I visit Japan Post to accompany my senpai(s) who studied in Osaka University that I saw cute Nippon stamps and a philately edition. Worth it! After that and postcards I got from Umeda, I decided that whenever I go abroad I will collect these two things, not only for the sake of collection but also remembrance. Also, HK straps whenever I had a visit to Japan since it was very necessary.

stamp collection3

Spoils from yesterday’s exhibition and stamps from Japan

Yesterday’s exhibition took all my hidden adrenaline – postcards and stamps – and there was Malaysia stand too! I spent 130k IDR only for stamps and I wanted to spend more time but it had been late already. I am also interested in postcrossing since I decided to collect postcards, to meet new faces and nice postcards and stamps. I know I can’t be called a collector yet, may be I won’t become professional philatelist or stamp collector, but I will still collect them anyway :).