At May 25th, 2014 (a week ago), we went to Indonesian Local Product Exhibition in HARRIS Hotel inside Festival City Link Mall, Bandung. At first I was skeptical because last year exhibition held in Festival City Link Mall was a disappointment. Surprisingly it turned out much much better this year. The exhibition was sponsored by Departemen Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Indonesia (Indonesian Industry and Trade Service). It focused on promoting local products and Indonesian industry, ranging from vehicles, robots, food, ceramics, devices, telecommunication, food industry, fabric, and so on. I went there on the last day of the exhibition so I might have missed a lot. Here is my short report.

bandung local product exhibition

Sundanese Puppet Play in Bandung Exhibition

The first thing that I saw was an off-road vehicle on HARRIS Hotel hall. I was excited and thought it was an All-terrain vehicle developed by PINDAD, Indonesian firearms and national defense manufacturer, but I was wrong- Ha! It was developed by KOMODO, a specialist in off road and all-terrain vehicles. The products accompanying the KOMODO was exhausts, helmet, and wheel from GT-Radial. (I always wonder if GT was an acronym for GRAND TURISMO but realized recently that GT was GADJAH TUNGGAL — or literally translated as “Single Elephant”)

Inside the exhibition hall, you would meet stands, not by province, but per industry. There are small and local industry such as BADUY FABRIC, which was traditional fabric woven by hand by Baduy people — one of amazing tribe coming from Banten, West Java. Their fabric was top-notch, a bit expensive since it was woven by hand traditionally, but I think it was worth it. It could be sewn into clothes, but most of them use it for sarong. There are wayang-golek stands, traditional puppets from Sundanese, food (and you can try a bite!), gardening equipment, handicraft, fashion stands, gardening tools, GT Radial (they have their own stand), robotics for underwater exploration, and so on! The product variation is wide, but they are limited to industrial and daily products (as if an off-road vehicle can be categorized as one..) unlike last year where they focused on home industries and agriculture – and food. Overall, it was a nice and new experience for me.

As what did I buy? Stomach-related.