I should have not so attached to kitties – but it can’t be helped since they are so cute. My friend has said once, “There is something with Institut Teknologi Bandung and felines”. There are tons of kitties and cats walking around my campus, going to classes, begging for food near canteen, inside student council secretariat, and so on. For me they are anti-depressants so their existence are tolerated. Every morning I went to campus, approximately 6:30AM, I always meet two of four kitties sleeping somewhere around HIMAFI (physics student organization) secretariat at Physics Building (Faculty of Science). Whenever I stare at them, they awake and yawn before meowing at me (looks like they are hungry) nonstop and walk around my feet. When I pet them, they always beg for more.

CUTE LITTLE ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. Enjoy my amateur shots!