Because yesterday my sister said there was a stamp show in Festival City Link until Sunday, I dragged my mom there again today! We spent two hours walking and browsing each stalls and I think I’ve gone overboard on spending my money… but as always, I’m happy with what I got!

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The event, which ends today, is called “Four Nations Stamp Show Bandung 2014”. Those four nations mentioned in the title are Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. When I went there in the afternoon, the post office stalls present are just Indonesia and Malaysia. I think Singapore and Thailand have gone back to their respective countries first. I found very interesting things in the event and believe me it is not a made-up! In the front gate, there is an old 1930s FORD and a black BMW for decoration. There is an off-road Volkswagen which body is printed with various VW-related stamps. There are four nations’ postal services stands next to VW (only Indonesian and Malaysia…) and in the center of the mall there are stands for sellers. In the back of the seller stands, there is an exhibition – old and ancient postcards, letters, and stamps from these four nations.

Philately Exhibition, Old postcards, Stamps, and Tons of Information

Philately Exhibition, Old postcards, Stamps, and Tons of Information

  • I want all those fabulous stamps.
  • I laugh too much at Zimbabwe dollar sold in some stands when I know I don’t have right to.
  • 25 gold “Batavia” money from 1939 worth 1.8….. million IDR to my shock (200USD).
  • I spend 30minutes searching for stamp series which piece is about 0.05USD.
  • We search for Lady Diana’s Royal Wedding Stamp for 45minutes.
  • I found… Majapahit, China and Rome ancient coin seller… I’m afraid I’ll faint if they answer my question.
  • A Hong Bao (red envelope usually given to children in Chinese New Year containing some money)  is used as envelope in Singapore… that was a good idea. No money inside, though.
  • I’m broke…

So, the conclusion is still: I’m broke! I bought a lot of good stamp collections, chatting with Indonesian Postcrossing Community, and sent a postcard to Mr. Government Ridwan Kamil – but I’m broke! Stamps and postcards made my wallet empty, haha. But this event, which is held every 4 years (I am reminded of World Cup), is amazing. I don’t think I’ll be professional philatelist, but I’m glad to be (even amateur) one! Although it made me broke! 😀