Professor Andrianto Handojo

When we were busy with our laptop and computational research, one of our friend said “Professor Andrianto had passed away..!” With a bit of disbelief, our heads turned to her and shouted. It was a sudden news from Engineering Physics Whatsapp Group 2010, and I checked the facebook to search for more reliable information – and it turned out to be true.

Professor Andrianto Handojo had passed away in Jakarta at 12:50PM West Indonesian Time today, 21th March 2014. I had a feeling it would come sooner or later, since he was in coma for about 3 weeks or so. Some rumor said it was cancer disease, but some others said it was another. Regardless, his passing was our great loss.

He was a great inspiration for all of us, his students. He taught “Laser and Optical Fiber” course for undergrads – and everyone would have taken his class at least once before graduation. I remember he always used very ‘humane’ language for Laser part – the topic that I hated the most since high school. He brought hologram and “3-D” drawings along with red-green glasses for students to try on. His class had never been boring, and he was the Master in optics – one of the field we lack human resources (other being ultrasound). He had retired as professor, but was still teaching before he fell ill.

Rest in peace, Professor Andrianto. We, engineering physics Institut Teknologi Bandung, love you.