Once upon a time, Asep goes outside to get some fresh air. Along the way, he meets the infamous Budi, his town’s mayor who is known for changing the dirty town to beautiful tourist spot. Asep approaches him and invites him to visit his house. Surprisingly, Budi accepts despite him being famous and all.

After exchanging greeting, Asep introduces Budi his little brother Cecep. “Here is Cecep, my brother,” he says. Then he leaves Budi with Cecep to make their guest a coffee and get some snacks. Of course it is rude to make an infamous person an instant coffee! Asep thinks he should prepare the most delightful service for him.

It is exhausting to go to market to buy some luwak coffee, brews it, searching for better snacks than potato chips and all. Asep shouts in disappointment, “Lazy brother go help me a bit! Don’t you care about me?”

Budi frowns and tells Asep, “You don’t have to be so busy, after all, Cecep is here to accompany me chatting.”

Now, replace the word “Asep” with “I” and “Budi” with “God”

I was so blessed by today’s Sunday sermon that I decided to put my reflection here; to share the blessing with you guys dear reader… and for myself. Its topic is about “too BUSY” and the verse – you have known it already just by reading the story above.

It opens by the derivation of word “BUSY”, “B – Burdened” “U – Under” “S – Satan’s” “Y – Yokes”. We all know that being too busy means deteorating health, withdrawn from our dearest, depression, etc. We don’t want to become “Asep” but we often forget that what “Asep” does isn’t wrong! Preparing snacks for guest is obligatory in… yeah, Indonesian culture – that if we don’t, it’s extremely rude toward the guest. But accompanying and chatting with the guest is far more important than just prepare the snack — or else we will think we are just feeding the guest free food and drink…. that isn’t visiting, I guess.

So why “Budi” scolds “Asep”? Because “Asep” scolds his brother; he starts burdened by uneccesary preparation (it leads me to think he is thinking too much about his pride and image, not for the guest’s sake) and he blames other person for it!

God does hate lazy people: He told us “if you don’t work, don’t eat!”

The time you are trapped by business means two thing. If you are burdened by it, it is certainly not from God. If you feel happiness and joy, it is from God.

I have shared about one thing I found to my friends about being too busy (it is the fourth time I share the exact same material, eh). If you have read C.S. Lewis’s “Screwtape Letters”, it is from that amazing book.

It is the letter of senior demon to his junior demon. He says, “the easiest way to make humans to forget God, make them busy with their work!”

Make them busy with research! With school! With their friends! With social life! With grades and examinations and money and money and government and decision and job and thought and philosophy and internet and everything!

And you’ll just go, “Whoa! Hey, Screwtape, it works damn well! I even forget about my parents, my siblings, my health… and God”. You then will realize that all you need is a simple… retreat. Retreating yourself from the crowds and business and job and burden – and have an intimate talk and chitchat with God.. with coffee and potato chips in a silent undisturbed living room called “your heart”.

–wait a minute, it looks de ja vu… have I share this too before? Oh well!