How they have learned the secrets of the ether!
Ships in the clouds, afloat as on a sea;
Voices through miles of distance singing, captured,
Brought to our homes to gladden you and me.

How selflessly they seek profounder meanings
Hid in the clump of moss — the iron ore!
How they have found in energy the secrets
God smiled to know a billion years before.

Counting their lives not dear, so they discover
Some bit of truth through eons all unguessed,
Something to make the lives to come the richer,
‘Ere they themselves shall shut their eyes and rest.

Ah, still the Lord God walks with noiseless footfall,
Visits the workshops of these patient men —
Smiles on the test tubes, the revealing lenses,
And “It is good,” he murmurs once again.

– Bertha Gerneaux Woods, 1873 — …Masterpieces of Religious Verses, J.D. Morrison
Harper & Brothers Publisher, New York and London