…What a very creative title indeed. Oh well.
I think I haven’t updated this blog much since the flowers haven’t bloomed too. It’s August already but the weather is still warm with little rain, but somewhat cold at night. I think I’ll dump kitten pictures I’ve captured here as well. But before that let me present you…

one milimeter per second

one millimeter per second

One millimeter per second. Definitely not some kind of title of a movie. Snail. Biiig snail. Crawling one millimeter per second on stone floor at the bridge of Labtek IT and Applied Physics on my way to CMD laboratory one day in the morning. Now I know the literal meaning of “working like a snail” – though, I admit the person that “works like a snail” certainly has infinity dedication and focus. When I saw this guy, I crouched and stared at it for about 1-2 minutes like an idiot… I hope no one saw me back then. This big guy didn’t bother to be poked, focus crawling to wherever its destination is. After few days, I found the same snail climbing the stone pillar for whatever reason, unfortunately I was in hurry.

my neighbor's grumpy cat

my neighbor’s grumpy cat

On another day, my neighbor took these kittens out from the house and got them washed. Looks like the little kitty doesn’t like to be bathed, haha. He refused meowing and got scared when I petted him. And not photogenic too, since I had to snap five times to get this picture (the others… well, he didn’t want to see the camera lens. Too shy, may be?) I’m not well informed about cats… may be they are Persian or Angora?

the resident of Physics Department

the resident of Physics Department

The only thing I know about cat is… this kind of species is called “Kucing Liar” (wild cat?) – uh, common street cat. This mama cat (the gray one) resides in Physics Department ITB, often wanders around Aula Barat every morning. Apparently she gave birth to three kittens, one black-white kitty, one similar to the mother, and the third one has long fur and pure white that I doubt he/she is a common street cat. The cutest one is scared when seeing me and went hiding to Civil Eng. office. May be he/she though I want to eat it whole?

2013-08-11-2736Then I think I find a … photogenic kitty. I found this lil guy when I was about to go home after Sunday Service. It kept sitting like a good kitty, and when I approached her[?], she didn’t run, just stare at me, and the camera lens. Snap! And it’s done. She[?] doesn’t refuse my pet, though. In Indonesia, wild cat’s pretty common and they often wanders around resident area and campuses. They often sneak into houses too, scaring pet birds, searching for leftovers in garbage cans, and so on. Some of them are wild literally that meowed and scratched your hand like a tiny lion, but  some other are tame and may beg for food (and sit on your lap all of sudden, sleeping there, jumping around in student’s office, or entering class to listen to physics lesson[?] At least my campus’s cats ever did it..)

mew mew vroom vroom

mew mew vroom vroom

… or sitting on motorcycle’s seat like a boss. Or taking a nap on someone’s motorcycle like it was a VVIP bed during warm weather.