…going to be alright for sure ‘ ‘ )v

Ahh, I didn’t get Monbusho G to G scholarship so I apply for magister program in ITB (again – huh, am I being trolled =m=;; ) while trying for another scholarship later, may be DIKTI or LPDP. It has been a while since I do math and calculus and read Askeland’s Solid State Physics (I say, metalurgy!), I doubt about my score in entrance exam, haha. And I ended up ranting and chatting with Prof, not really an interview.

Aside of all these, I won’t regret taking magister program here in Bandung if it is really God’s will. I knew my ambition of going overseas for study is quite wrong – half because I want to leave my family and go far far away, living by myself – to test my ability to survive. I don’t want to be an office workers, administrators, or working under people 9-5 or 24/7 – I still want to be a researcher, which – I know that much – will never be approved by my parents. Since I knew they didn’t approve me going to study overseas, although behind my back they were talking to people like I have gotten my scholarship and ready to fly to wherever anytime. That gossip itself is really disturbing. Next time I’ll do it in secret without their knowing.

One more thing, after telling some people about the scholarship and my suspicion, I got the answer. “That is how the world works” – the chance of you received it is so slim if you don’t know what trick you should use to increase the probability. “Don’t be too naive” is the second answer; whilst I don’t want myself to be so naive, I didn’t know that I was very NAIVE back then when submitting. What am I talking about? Sorry, I won’t tell more about this information because it is supposed to be a public secret.

“That is how the world works”, yeah.