For all of you, who is (your) professor? He might be just a lecturer, the head of laboratorium, just a human being who loves red marks or just someone who happened to make you suffer in your path of the jedi–the thesis. But he might be someone who we admire the most, being with us almost all the time in our path to the jedi–I mean, the graduation.

For me, Prof. Her is someone who I look up to. I share people I met in the QMC that he is like a dad to me. He always cares about his students, asking whether I would be alright travelling alone to Japan – my first “everything” and hopes I wasn’t like a lost child in someone’s country. He might be super busy as a dean of a faculty, but still giving us his experiences and integrity, sharing his money for students, everything for students, above all, he isn’t a teacher who only teaches us quantum mechanics. He prays for us, he gives us advice in life, even sharing his experiences and gladly listen to our problem, and the most of all, he is concerned with our future. I want to be like him.

Professor Hermawan K. Dipojono and his labmates

Professor Hermawan K. Dipojono and his students

This was supposed to be made at 7th February 2013 but I forgot. Computational Material Design and Quantum Engineering Laboratory, so many research students ranging from sophomore undergraduate students to master students (the doctor program isn’t here). That day, 7th February, we prepared something for Professor, a video, cake, and some gifts. He looked so glad with our small surprise, and he told us that the best gift we can give is to be success in life. Because when he turned old, seeing our pictures, he’ll smile and say “oh, now he / she is working and success…”. The best gift we children can give to our parents.

Happy Birthday, Professor! May God bless your path, our laboratory, our country, and technology. For God, nation, and almamater. Amen.