Whoa, I think this is my first rant without giving some tips or advice here?

Looks like I’ve only survived for 6 months in the workplace haha.. I know I am not that skilled artist in the company, I don’t even have any certificate and my artworks are usually dark and bland unlike them who had bright colors and have fettish on moe-moe cute girls. Things I believe is that even though I don’t have any design certificate or whatnot, I can still learn in the way and eventually catch up. If I am allowed to boast, my artwork quality isn’t that bad and my communication is still in human language. Although I rarely went to office due to my works given to me by them to be finished in short time (looking back to my last rant was 11 December), my social media and messengers were open 24/7. I wasn’t disappeared to another dimension. I am just working at home, where silence and peace was what I need the most to boost my motivation.

What the hell.

Oh well, I know my voice was like a gust of wind. Let them find someone more worthy than I am if my presence there was only a burden for the team, but don’t blame me if the project was not as good as expected because – hell – each time I say no one would listen.

Yes, as a former member of the team, I am not allowed to share anything related to the unfinished project, but since they didn’t use my works here whatever the reason, here, have all spoilers for the project INheritage not released :

[内部で悲鳴] | スザク [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=33013848

I give you full permission to reprint/reproduce the pictures since they are no longer used and regarded as ‘fanart’, if you want the animated ones you just have to e-mail me but the design is still copyrighted by Tinkergames and especially Mukhlis Nur.