Oh wow! I wanted to write something about Christmas but it’s been New Year already! It’s really been a year! Let’s do some copy-pasting:

To all readers, happy new year 2012! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ  Let this year be awesome, full of blessings, and good fortunes!

I’ve heard about some bad news these first days of 2013, starting of Citizen should bow to the neighbor club, unfortunatelly no 6-1 this year huh… *disappointed* ( ・_・)ノ… murder case in my hometown – oh wait – it’s been around since forever and the good news are I heard police has captured most of motorcycle thieves and murderers… Although there are some bad news around you, don’t let them reduce your spirit to do good works. Will always be  there, keep good spirit and hop hop hop! Like I tweeted, 1.1 is an easy-to-remember date each year to start over all things new, like Billy Graham said: “Clean the Blackboard and Start Anew”, why not another date because nothing is already too late to start anew? Because we tend to forget, to move on from date to date without realizing that very date – even our birthday passes like nothing special going, and we only concern about present; not future, not the past. But on New Year, 1.1, whether the first “1” is month or date, we start the day with fireworks. Like they are brightly say to each of us:

“Hey, pal! It’s New Year! It’s Earth’s Birthday! Let’s start this year new, and let the blessing comes upon us! What’s your vision for future this year, matey? Oh, what have you done last year? Terrible, terrible! You can’t do anything about the past, but you can learn from them. Clean the blackboard and start a new life in this new year!”

Alright! Now time to look back to the past a bit before move on to see the future. What did I write back then last year…..

I’ll share what to post here until July (my aimed graduation)!
(GRADUATION)! /dies suffocated/

  1. Things about my undergraduate thesis! I haven’t touched them even though I’ve written the abstract for QED-C’s admission oTL;; I should graduate in July since it’s part of my vow for Osaka Univ, if I am to be accepted to study there for master and doctoral program. That means also an extremely hard works! I’ll be using DL_POLY for Molecular Dynamics Modeling,  which I haven’t tried since I have to do it, perhaps, with my campus’ cluster and palodozen. [ AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA /dies laughing ] Did I really write this kind of thing? Ah… ehm, well….. you see. I gave up July Graduation and graduated on October. But it wasn’t even my full-research topic, I just did the equilibration which was the 1/32 part of all research on Molecular Dynamics. I did use palodozen though. It’s my responsibility now to pass my knowledge to juniors 🙂 ]
  2. QUE 4koma Project will be updated every day or every week, because may be I don’t have enough time for drawing properly until July :,D [ AHAHAHAHAA /dies crying/ Did I really write this kind of thing? I do really wish I could, but I fail me. ]
  3. Something about soundscape (my friend’s thesis). It’s a very interesting topic! I’ll give some of examples but don’t expect me to give it in lossless format XD since I’ll only record voices with my cellphone recorder. [ ….I didn’t even have opportunity to leave my freezing laboratory this year ]

Research said (I read without seeing the source, but well it’s logical) making new year resolution gives off depression. Everyone tends to fail their expectation since – nah – we have such a very high spirit in the new day of the year. But I think that’s OK. If we are already depressed in the first day, how about the latter days? Just dream. Is it impossible? Whatever. Do have a dream, and from a dream, grab that impossibility. My first resolution in 2012 was to graduate in July, and until March I still aimed that. But then I gave up. But I knew, I dreamt of having graduated in that 2012! So, I pursued October, and I did it. International presentation as bonus. I didn’t fulfil my promise to Handaigaku, but I thought that was better.

Firstly, I had to say that 2012 was a terrible year which I found everything amiss. It was like Voldemort made me grew so sarcastics. 2012 is really turns into an apocalypse movie with comedy as its genre! Secondly, in February 2012, I thought creating drama around a certain forum wasn’t my liking, so I went passive this year. That was better, since I got time for myself to think more other than arguing pointlessly with  people who had different opinion. I developed that kind of critical sense last year. And I resolved that because of that, I won’t share any of my original artwork beside of those which was posted there and anywhere. But I still love art. I can’t live without it although my passion is doing the opposite faction of those of an artist, left-brained geek. God gives me these hands to do artworks and I will keep developing it to glorify His Name. That was my oath since Junior High and I’ll keep it forever.

At November 24 2012, my best friend passed away in quite mysterious way. Well, I didn’t write anything about him or comment anything so far except in twitter because of reasons. I did that once immediately after I got the news and I thought I was very childish to comment things like that to someone who died so I deleted them. Let the him I knew so far these 3 years in college only lived inside me.

So back to topic, my resolution for this year is very simple.

  1. I want to start researching again after PLN gives us normal supply of electricity. Please, please, please, please….
  2. I want to master efficient gambling method before February. I want to gamble in Monte Carlo’s CASINO, since I’ll go to JAIST for WinterSchool Quantum Monte Carlo workshop with CASINO, and I should learn about it first beforehand so I’ll not look like an idiot there.
  3. I want to evolve into Kyuubei. I’ll be 23 this year and I should stop messing around like a penguin or amoeba.
  4. I want to continue my study as a physicist, anywhere with scholarship. HA! I’ll let God lead my way, because I know He holds my fate. If I ended up in the forest of CMD again, I’ll certainly do it wholeheartedly. If to Japan, God blesses me. If not, I can follow my friend’s path in Tanggerang, but let it be the last decision I’ll make. One thing regarding this resolution is I don’t want to burden my parents anymore, so I’ll either work or study this year. Oh yeah, I’m still working as Tinker’s illustrator, but I guess I’m not that suitable hahaa…
  5. The last, as my oath to myself since 3rd grade Junior High, I want to make a complete artwork. So far, I’ve always made one although I couldn’t say they were successful. For three years I’ve done for RP groups (doujin and manga). Who knows what will I make for this year.

….and like a ritual, my family went to book-hunting to Gramedia and surprisingly bought none .___.)