Sometimes, a person is good in one thing and bad in another. My friends told me that I have sharp eye and often call me as ‘provocateur’. I greeted it as joke since I received all peanuts (Indonesian slang “urang dikacangin euy”) – I am not good with words at all; but now I know that I am really a ‘provocateur’.

Do you ever stumble upon something like “forced to zip your mouth”? It usually happens when you try to reason but you know you will only ruin the atmosphere and you only have to choose one remaining option: shut your mouth up; trash your thoughts deep in your heart and just “bear with the situation and move your ass to work”. Sometimes, once you open your mouth and try your reasoning, there will be cold-war between you two which affect other people and eventually cause bigger havoc which leads to everyone’s disadvantage. Let me give you example:

You’re a worker and is given a creative job without proper procedure (you’re free to do it with your own method). There are mountains of works need to be done and you’re only provided with a very limited time. You know your work is the core of the project; slipping the deadline given will affect the whole project and the company. You can do crappy ones, but once it is finished and isn’t worthy, people begin to point finger on you. If you complain to the high rank officer and beg for more time, the project will be delayed, meaning loss profit and chance. For the sake of both project and everyone, you need to shut up and get working or more time will be lost in meaningless argument. The only option for you is just one: do it perfectly without exceeding due date. The question is: How?

Your work need to be perfect, you need time, but the time can’t wait. Keep working? Giving up? Normal and sane people perhaps choose to discuss this matter and choose the optimal choice. Often, you need to do the optimization yourself. For me, I often do these kind of… optimization. Kind of “cheating for dummies” but, meh, I found these obvious tips helpful:

  1. I don’t do what I don’t have to do. Saving energy and time. The principle of laziness, but as well as the most effective way of working. You’re told to pick the lemon tea from the fridge. Pick it up. Don’t drink it first then refill it and then pick it up. Don’t place a slice of lemon on it and decor it with whipping cream. You’re not told to decorate it or drink it. You’re told to pick the lemon tea.
  2. Two brains are better than one. Simple, seeking for help. As long as your partner has same ability as you and won’t argue.
  3. Learn from others (google it). The fastest way to learn something is to see how the other work on it, copy by the mean of “learn only the essential”, and modify little bit of it. Perfect example is in programming. How do you know to create Christmas Tree pattern in fortran? Go google it. Can’t find any? How about ‘create tree pattern in fortran’? Modify it a bit and ta-da (I know it’s not as simple as that). Pretty much different than in class, at work, they only concern on the result. Whatever you do, as long as it’s legal and effective, you’re free to do it. Including searching information on google, dragging friends to finish your work, et cetera.
  4. Instinct and the power of kepepet aka “giri-giri safe” or “deadliner spirit”. Students’ favorite weapon. Seems that I don’t need to explain this one. A person’s hidden power can be released when they are at pinch. Well, in this case, you’re in a pinch. Sometimes, that hidden power is lit; you can do anything that seems to be impossible in normal situation.
  5. Lazy people (like me) tends to do things in fastest way possible. Bill Gates’s favorite. By relying on instinct, if you have good instinct, check, and logical reasoning, you can do things faster. Like, “it is 12,500 Rupiah”, normal people will provide 10,000 and 2,000 and 500 if they have all those. Me? I’m a lazyass who just give whatever I pick from my wallet which is 12,500 or higher. Sometimes you don’t have to think. Let your motoric systems do whatever they are taught to do. That way, you saves energy and time :p
  6. If you fed up, just stop for a while. Have you ever heard about a tale of two woodcutters? They were told to cut trees non-stop. One had a rest, but the other still did the job without rest. Who cut trees the most? The one who took a rest, because he sharpened his axe while resting. Stop for a while and “gaze to the sky, clearing mind by doing nothing, doing whatever they like or just playing their favorite games” is not useless.. Principle of industrial engineering (CMIIW). Note that once you feel refreshed, you need to work again 😉 My hypothesis, you’ll do it more efficiently this way.

I am the type who always abuse the number (4) and (6). I don’t often call for help from other people, since they also have their own job and (is not paid). Sometimes, I need to consider the job as “a trolling material” so in the end I can “be refreshed of their annoyed faces”. Thinking your officer (or teacher) as beast to be defeated in their strength also help, like, my wrong motivation to finish my thesis “I will learn these things so the teacher will be the one who is confused instead of me!” which in the end I smiled and think “Hey… I finished it alright! I can see their confused faces and I win the game mwahahaa” (fiction. In the end I am still beaten up badly).