INheritage : Boundary of Existence’ is the first product of ‘INheritage project’. It’s a horizontal STG or “Shoot ’em up” game with visual novel elements which mix the element of Indonesia culture with popular fantasy style and gesture function gameplay… my second game for tinkergames studio. Aside of my whining there as “seksi suka-suka” aka jollie section or just a mere destroyer (since looks like I’m treated just like a janitor), I guarantee this project is worth to play. We try to combine smartphone feature to shmup game and (hopefully) give you players a new experience of “what shmup can do in touchscreen mode”. Compare it with mushihimesama or deathsmile if you please, plus additional feature (special attack) and visual-novel-like just like touhou. I can guarantee these features won’t hinder you to enjoy the gameplay.


Company Overview

INheritage is a game which brought up Indonesian culture as its main theme. You must have known that Indonesia is proud to have hundreds of different culture, not only wayang, but each of its cities have their own culture and uniqueness.

“This is a tale of those who watch over us”
“This is a battle that won’t be written in our history”
“This is a fight that we will never know about”
“This is a story of those who exist in the boundary of existence”

INheritage : Boundary of Existence
This is just one from many unwritten tales about them. Arca. Those who were chosen to protect their respective city and the balance of the world by sending back Yaksa, the half-god being from other world, to their own world. With power given by the Tree of Life, Kalpataru which, and guided by city’s spirit, Rakyan, They will always watch over us. Even now.
Being chosen as Arca of Bandung after an incident that killed her and her best friend 2 years ago. Nala continue her new live; living as a high-school girl and at the same time protecting her city as Arca. But one day, The Kalpataru roots which supporting the barrier between two worlds in Bandung suddenly disappeared. To protect her city, Nala has to find out a what’s really happen before the whole city thrown into abyss. But then, she realize that this crisis is bigger than she expected.

Game character design and story : Mukhlis Nur aka sinlaire (the mangaka and pixiv illustrator) Moe-badass characters are his specialty. The story itself is full of Indonesian culture which I bet only some of you in the world knows. Indonesia has thousand local cultures that can be exposed and brought aside of wayang, and it’s always been interesting to find something new, right? His vision for this game is for you all to know your city, because a city means a different culture. We’re focusing ourselves in Tanah Parahyangan (West Java) but someday, I’m sure the project will also cover all over Indonesia (I sincerely hope).
Project Leader, Concept, and (sole) Programmer : Afif the chief. I don’t know what title I should give to him except “insane programmer who do all things alone” or “one man army”. He’s in charge of all kind of programming and gameplay concept. I should spoil that we’re doing another genre of shmup that we abuse the flick feature on smartphone’s touchscreen ability. Sounds strange? Of course, we’re volunteer. Though there are other shmup mobile games that also has this feature, but I haven’t find any similar to us.
Game background design and element : Dewitri aka yukimakimachi (the urban designer engineer. yes, an engineer and her background drawings are awesome, go check her dA page and admire them). She’s doing the background and as you all know, background is an essential element for shmup games.
Game spriter and destroyer game level designer Janitor : me. Man, I love insanity. Not really a hardcore shmup gamer, but is more hardcore than the rest of those in my workplace. In love with cave games, touhou, raiden, and g-darius (goodness, my childhood). Expect bullet-hell and flying cakes. It’s me who suggest this game to be shmup games to chief and sometimes getting irritated when people ask us whether this is an RPG or not haha. Though I myself want Mukhlis’s idea turn to be an epic RPG, higher ups don’t think so (even they oppose making a shmup game although we have point plus). At first they are telling me this shmup doesn’t sell. But for me, shmup isn’t only for hardcore gamers. I am mediocre, nowhere near hardcore, and I enjoy these kind of challenge. Now I’m not really certain since my job is to be a janitor. Oh wait, this is rants.

Now let’s get to the main point [my job as janitor]. I shared here not only to promote my company’s game – well, I’m proud of this product – but what I write here is spoiling all the gameplay the facebook page hasn’t given yet 😉 :

For me, danmaku / shmup / bullethell / curtain-fire is serious business. So I have this dilemma: higher ups want this game for non-gamers, but by the nature of shmup it is a niche game. I am paid, so I will follow those who are above me. But I am also a gamer, so I will not completely follow them. I’ll still do my best to satisfy gamers 😀 I want to show people game is not about good graphics, moe characters, or good story. You can watch movies, read a novel, or comics if that is the case. Game is game, for fun and challenge. It doesn’t need to be perfect in graphic or secondary elements – it has to be good in gameplay. That’s why I’m against promoting this game with bunch of Mukhlis’s godly artworks here.
just a dummy screenshot. Not close to alpha though

just a dummy screenshot. Not close to alpha though

Semi-danmaku. Not fully danmaku (since it is horizontal) and it’s more friendly for non-hardcore gamers (to my dismay). Chief told me it is for mobile so many times and I should not do crazy design… at least, everyone in my workplace should be able to finish the game. Not as hard as touhou or cave games, but it is absolutely not euroshmup. If you know Gespenst from fraxyhq forum, he’s helping me with the design.
Horizontal: I personally think horizontal shooter is more interesting than usual vertical ones, especially if we combine it with our newest feature.
Gesture gameplay: Yes, gesture. The game is designed for touchscreen, and this feature is quite new for shmup. Your fingers are not only responsible for dodging and grazing bullets, it is also responsible for accuracy and how you shoot the enemies. Tactics. You can make your own tactics based on the special attack equipped. You can determine the radius of your bomb. You can either do basic principle of awesomeness “REAL MEN DON’T BOMB” (I’m pretty sure with this one because I’m the type woho don’t bomb too) or “SHOOT THEM ALL” with everything you got (meaning bomb is there to be used).

That’s all for me for now, for more information go visit and like its facebook page (though I don’t see correlation about “like” and the popularity of the game and I don’t know if 1000 likes this month is worth something, but meh. I have to do this or boss will cut my wage to half again. Help my life with just one click, please?). I hope this game can become something memorable for shmup lovers 😉 I’ll still update things that is kept hidden from them (speaking of naughty worker) especially about gameplay updates. Cheers and thanks for reading!