October Graduates… Wil is the one who sat on the floor

I remember our graduation was at 20th October 2012, and this is the only picture I have with him inside. Haven’t I ever mentioned this name before in this blog? Wil, William, is one of many names appear in my recent “give thanks” post, that I am grateful I met him.. yet three days ago he passed away due to illness.

He was used to be cheerful and table-tennis freak who always told me not to study because he was also too lazy to study like me — and in the end I was the only one who didn’t study for exam when he studied and got flying colors. He was genius laze, who was the source of misery because his high mark in math course our GPAs had to suffer below average. He thought a lot, galau a lot, always asking people to help him to decide. I guess I should stop describing him now that I only remembered his LOL moments (which made us suffer because his GPA was almost perfect: 3.94 in Engineering Physics.. although he was humble and not even arrogant, he was extremely lazy that we wanted to throw tables to him).

Last Friday I’ve sensed something bad happen to him after seeing his wall in facebook, and I immediately texted him in high hope he was alright. But then, after I woke up restlessly next morning, he had passed away because of Hepatitis.

It was a great shock to us, and like two years ago when our beloved genius Yuniar Gitta Pratama (Engineering Physics 2007) passed away because of leukemia, I mourned two days. He was used to be my best friend who took lab mentor jobs 3 years straight, doing assignment together especially in Modern Control course, and the one who never listened to my advice (somehow even though I texted in BOLD and CAPS, I couldn’t force him to go to hospital immediately after he said he had headache). Now I regret it. I should have drag him to hospital instead of doing useless arguments.

Just like Yuniar Gitta Pratama, for us, William is just going home. He’s happy now in Heaven with Father, so I won’t mourn anymore. Rest in Peace, William, my best friend. Our 3 years together in Engineering Physics may be short, but I’ll treasure it forever. Especially our Modern Control course phail assignment hahaha. Sometimes I wonder why happy-go-lucky like you is the one who first to leave us.

Fare thee well,

November 24, 2012