I guess I should post this here, since neither tumblr nor deviantArt can be trusted.. well they are not blog in the first place…..

“Yuniar Gitta Pratama aka neozecter, the Kamen Rider Freak and a beloved Skullers, HMFT and engineering physics ITB’s family member… a dedicated man, funny, loyal, the best student of FT-ITB, and…… we lost him forever.”

Programmable Logic Controller Competition 2010. Yuniar is the guy at far right

Dear friend, how are you?

I know it’s a stupid question but I just want to ask something in the beginning of the letter
This may be my first and last farewell letter, I know my writing is not good enough to make one
And I regret of not remembering the date until some people here kindly slapped me to death
so I finally come to remember you – not a good friend I am.

How are you there, are you still watching us?
Look what we have done since your departure, you should lift up your chin and laugh
Finally we did it (line-follower robot competition) and earned something great
We beat the neighboring departments (electrical engineering) –… sadly not in volley yet tsk

Hey, pal, I guess I can say I miss your mischievous behavior
Is it only me or everyone thought that you were the source of the madness?
I remember the first time you were introduced to us by Mr. Eko
You were extremely famous back then in freshman’s orientation
a guy who designed our department’s student group with Kamen Rider
even filled the ftps with Kamen Rider Agito’s episodes
and hypnotized the professor and us to be a freak like you
the assistant of the master of mischievous who ordered few freshmen to install
in every computers in lab
You were a very interesting administrator we had
because of you we turned from Engineering Physicist into professional hacker
Never tired to try how to hack squid proxy and give super high speed LAN in our student organization

I remember you are the source of our deadliner behavior and thus made every one of us
submit all things … last minute second submission
You were the most strange and freak and otaku senior-whose-age-was-younger-than-me
I don’t know if you prepared it beforehand but
Who was the one suggested watching Kamen Rider wide-screen after the seminary
and made us watch Kamen Rider Movie IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CLASS for 2 hours with LCD screen?
You are
a freak
It was not the only thing about you I remembered
You were so against cheating that you developed the greatest method on earth in the test
You took every single student who cheat BY CAMERA in the middle of the test
and uploaded them in the web… and let professors know.. and you readers know the rest their fate
You were the only one who played MINESWEEPER in the middle of COMPETITION
You were the one who ever thought of JAMMING THE ROCKET SIGNAL in rocket competition… fortunately it against the rules
And you were the one who made competitor scared to death by implementing..
of line follower robot competition
which couldn’t be solved with just stupid control PID… did you know you should use fuzzy instead?

But you were a kind senior-whose-age-was-younger-than-mine
You kept smiling and greet me even though I didn’t know you as a freshman
You hid your leukemia from the underclassmen and still greeted me like usual even though you were like a zombie
You were so strong that I admire you
Even though you were bedridden and doctor had given up
Even though you know your life would last not long
You even smiled to camera when your friends visited you
and give a peace sign
and you dare to update status in facebook
” Tusukan keenam, gan ” ( Wow, the sixth needle, fellas )
as if you were mocking us and laughing at us who sat before the monitor
us, who shed a tear crying for you and praying for you all day……. eh…
… — wait, why would a hospital allow a sick to bring a phone?!

Your departure was a heartbreaking news and I cried -mentally ill[?]- for a month
Not being able to know you more, or steal all your unusual ability, or turn department of Engineering Physics into otaku
You in your death, smiled and kept yourself strong
I regret of not attending your funeral
I wish
I can

doodle on your tomb and add title ‘Freak’
…–perhaps, before I was killed by your family

Come back soon, Yuniar Gitta Pratama–
…wait — we should be the one who had to go to your place
We always have you in your heart
If I happen to meet you again in the afterlife I want to tell you that

you still haven’t returned my lab report

Okay, enough this jest, before the readers suggest this tribute is some sort of joke
The only thing I promise, I will keep your spirit alive within me – no… I mean us.
Everyone in Skullers and department of Engineering Physics
We will keep your spirit and your unusual behavior[?] alive within us
because we were all insane here just like you
And as a tribute I will use your neozecter avatar until the end of December
(And as William also returned home at November, I’ll change my avatar to table tennis too)

Watch us from above!
We were SKULLERS, the frontier of engineering!


For ‘Yun-Freak’
Yuniar Gitta Pratama
Dec 19, 2010