It’s very out-of-date, but I still hold uneasy feeling over people who initiate the hatred. Youtube, which is already branded as the video-sharing site with the most rude critics and community, has ‘Miku-Hater-Campaign’ (thus I name them) ago. Let me tell you my opinion.

VOCALOID. It is a Commercial Digital Voice Synthesizer. It is a synthesizer, pretty much like your musical keyboard or other music software. The only difference is VOCALOID uses human voice as its output sound. Let’s take an example: LIA is a Japanese singer. She has beautiful voice; singing AIR OST and ANGEL BEATS OST (Japanese animations opening songs). Her voice is then sampled by using microphone (I’ll save all basic things about acoustics physics later or else this article will become acoustics lecture). As you have known that human voice is none other than sound wave which can be sampled and digitalized – you always do this sampling whenever you sing in front of microphone. The data of LIA’s voice is then stored in a voice-bank, and it is then undergo many filtering, windowing, and signal processing. The voice data of LIA is now available on the store – which, to increase marketing and such – is now labelled VOCALOID IA: ARIA OF PLANETTES.

my doodle on IA

As sampling and digital nature, human’s voice and the-sampled-voice are clearly different depends on sampling frequency and sampling environment. There are also difference in pronounciations, spellings, jaw and teeth structure that cannot be controlled by computer.

Now you know that VOCALOID is synth. Starting from today, quit saying ‘It is not human!’ Yes, it is not human, but it is sampled from human. If you say VOCALOID is not human, yes it is and no it isn’t. Anyone can sample their own voice and store them in voicebank, which UTAU program comes into play. Vocaloid won’t be there without human’s voice, because it relies on voicebanks; a human. It is Japanese, but you may find English-speaking vocaloids too, since it’s just voicebank, and signal processing software.

Next comment then says, ‘It’s much better if humans who sings!’ Of course – that is just a synth – just a program, just a musical instrument, just a technology. You can’t just rely on traditional wooden piano to produce alien-like-hissing or Darth-Vader’s breathing voice. Vocaloid can do what ordinary humans can’t do. For example: super high / super low pitch (like Miku’s MELT), super fast spelling (like World’s End Dance Hall), nonstop singing (NyanCat or Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu), and you can have them speak all things nonsensical. And the most important and Crypton’s ultimate goal: for all people to create.

Some people’s voices are as bad as the-sound-of-howling-cats-slammed-by-window-frame. Some has limited frequency. Some can compose songs but have this horrible voice, some has great drawing skill but deaf-on-every-musical-notes, some loves to dance but horrible at playing music, some who is master of writing poems but bad at everything — if they combine their skills, you’ll see what VOCALOID is for. Choreographer, programmer, CG  Animator, story teller, poet, composer, cosplayer,  music band, singer, designer, arranger, mixer, cosplayer… Here I summarize all my opinion in Google Chrome Ads:

I’ve seen many artists do lipsings in live concerts, and one of them is a teen group from my country. I don’t say they’re bad – I just prefer listening to Bach or Vocaloid than false-voice for the sake of marketing. Have you heard Rebecca Black? My friend from acoustics said that the singer does it all with autotune – which means she sings all in falseto first and then ‘repaired’ by audio program. Oops.

If you think Hollywood will be ruined because of Vocaloid, think it again. Human voice, dance, and all things performed by human with good deeds are pretty much better than machines. Sings with heart, don’t deceive listeners by lipsings. Don’t use autotune for all songs you sing. And be sure to compose a good message for listeners, not just all about what people consider ‘shitty songs’. If music industries don’t increase their quality (and lower the price, ha!) they’ll have a bad time competing with ‘machine’.