Last September 21st, 2012 I went to West Java EXPO at Graha Manggala Siliwangi, Bandung. It’s a big event  (or, a bazaar) to celebrate West Java’s birthday. Since it is a rare annual event which sells many traditional Indonesian culture such as batik and other arts, I was very excited and thought I will buy many things there. The hall were divided by stalls and there was government’s stalls beside of private ones. And there are Center and East Java stalls too. Most of them sold batik fabric and creative crafts and arts.

Beautiful unique table, elephant sculpture, and accessories from SR.SENA Craft stall

SR.SENA Craft stall sells unique sculptures such as shown above, lampstands, butterfly wall decorations, elephant sculpture with real ivory tusk, and decorative sandals. This stall is my favorite, since the sculptures and statues are well-made and detailed.

unique, well-made, and very detailed keris

My favorite item in this expo, a tiger keris! I forgot which city this keris stall was from (I only recall it’s near Bandung) The carving and painting, all these swords, keris, and kujang are top quality and made made from wood and stainless steel. Sadly even though I wanted to buy this very rare beautiful item, I didn’t have enough money – and dared not to ask how much this keris cost… there are other swords with dragon head, tiger head, traditional, cloud pattern and so on. There are Solo batiks and Cirebon batiks everywhere, and I could finally see the difference of the patterns each city. Yes, in Indonesia, every batik pattern has their own meaning and each city mainly has their own pattern. Batik cirebon’s color is bright, but batik Solo is earthy and detailed. You can get some batik clothes with good price here.

Wayang Golek craftsman demonstrated his skill

You wouldn’t ever see this demonstration often! Wayang golek sculpting on stage, the craftsman is really skilled and I admire every detail he put. He told me he receive wayang golek orders and many more. One pair of big pieces of wayang golek, Rama and Shinta, are sold 100k rupiahs only. My eyes into the sculpted one, though, but he didn’t sell unfinished works.

Wayang heads

Buffalo horn Craft, sturdy, and it’s chinese dragon!

At last, at the entrance, stands a buffalo horn crafts. All of them were created from buffalo’s horns, from decorations, owl sculptures, birds, cranes, forks, spoon, et cetera. We bought horn’s wayang keychains and accessories. It was a very fun!