Wisma MMUGM at Colombo Street

As I’ve promised in the last post, here I upload some UGM (Gajah Mada University) photo during jipc 2012 😀 All of them were taken by me with usual Nokia N8 camera. Wisma MMUGM is the place we stayed during jipc. The lounge is cozy and the bed is fluffy, and the most important is it locates about 15 minutes to UGM on foot. After knowing the route from FMIPA building to hotel, we choose to go there on foot everytime, but by taxi, we need to spend about Rp 15-20k…

Clear blue sky of Jogjakarta

Unlike Bandung which has uniform sky almost all time, Jogjakarta has clear blue sky when we visit this city. There were flock of cranes flying above the sky next to FMIPA building and a some kind of small area planted with tall trees. More photographs about Jogjakarta below the read more.

Malioboro Street

Seems that Nokia N8 isn’t good at night and the noise makes the picture kinda over-sharpened. Well, this is it, Jogjakarta’s most famous street for tourist. It’s located near Tugu (Jogjakarta) Station. We can buy almost everything here, and there’s a mall too.

UGM main gate

At the second day we went to FMIPA by shortcut through UGM main gate. UGM is extremely…er, well, it’s tenfold bigger than ITB, my campus, and well-designed, neat and clean. Too bad we can’t teleport from one place to another.