I don’t think my cloud photographs are worthy enough to be shared, but here we go. All of them were taken randomly at random time in random occassion by Nokia N8 camera and/or my old nokia phone, no edit or modification. Yes, all of them were taken in Bandung. Bandung’s sky is always uniform and white; only in dry season and some rare occassions and position you can see the blue sky. You can use these for free as stock, but please do credit me, or state these are not your original work.

bright blue sky taken from GKU Barat ITB; using my old nokia’s camera

dirty blue sky[?] in the afternoon; N8 camera

rare evening sky after class, ITB’s frontgate. Still using N8 phone camera

same rare evening sky, I’ve yet to encounter this kind of phenomenon again after this one.

in front of ITB, my campus, August 29th. Bright sky with little cloud, but the focus is actually on the orange flowers

and I didn’t manage to shoo the angkutan kota (public transport)… it’s stopped over 10 minutes or so. Believe it or not, the orange flowers / bushes/ whatever always bloom during freshman’s first day 😀 in this dry season (August – September) where grass and trees are dry and turn brown, bougenville and this flowers bloom.