QUE Project: BSOD :,((
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Well played, Microsoft, well played *standing applause*. For those who don’t know what is this, here I proudly inform you that this is Microsoft Windows 8’s new Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). It’s more user-friendly, though, rather than “pretending to do some troubleshooting” (quoted from Cica). If you see this sad icon, just restart your computer, which I believe, is the only action Windows end users do in their entire life each time the monitor shows some blue. I’m not Microsoft’s fan, but I’ve read of how bad this new generation of Windows be. I’m content with my long-running XP (except the fact that I’ve encountered BSOD 3 times this week because .NET problem) and if you force me to upgrade to this OS…. over my dead body.

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