QUE Project: CRAP!
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Hello! It’s been a long time – 5 months ago – since I updated this QUE Project yonkoma! 😀 This strip has been sitting in my folder since forever. OK, you electricians and technicians, engineers of some sort, or just a student, perhaps know what this strip is all about. PCB is not breadboard / protoboard! No jumpers are allowed to ‘jump over’ components. Don’t ever think to make “jumper’s forest” (my junior used 1metre cables / jumpers to make seven segment works with arduino microcontrollers. I couln’t see which connected to which). Why, because of the safety and the second is explained with this strip. Use available and free programs such as EAGLE to create / generate the best wiring if you’re lazy enough to do it manually.

QUE Project and all of the characters are belong to vnyx (me — I decided to get rid the caps. My name’s now written in small letters)