“Teleportation, time machine, telepathy…!”

Do you believe in teleportation, mind reading, time machine, telepathy, and such? You probably wonder why I’m suddenly asking you readers about sci-fi movies. Fortunately no, I am not. I’m talking about technology. With this high pace of technology development, don’t you think it is time to dream of something ‘unreal’ and make them ‘real’?

My friend and I happened to discuss about this topic two days ago, a very very interesting topic that people may think we were discussing about some kind of new scifi movie. It was opened with conversations about our undergraduate thesis *yuck* and then came topics about quarks and Higgs Boson, the godly particle that creates mass, and Curiosity. Then came back to Astral when I stated that my brain wasn’t ready yet to receive interparticles information.

Astral is close to lucid-dreaming, where a person’s consciousness in trance state comes ‘out’ from his body and wanders around counsciously. My friend gave me example of the researcher of certain university (Robert Monroe) practiced it on a certain night. His consciousness wandered to other town and saw his relative baked something. Then in the morning, he called his relative and asked, to the other’s astonishment, ‘what were you baking late at night?’ (sounds like a ghost to me) I haven’t read the paper or book about it, though, so I can’t say much and I won’t judge whether it is scientific or not since it lacks logical explanation. But the essential conclusion is that: it has been practiced and proved to be true. It is still a pseudo-science, but who knows later in the future we can ‘appear there’ when our physical body isn’t there?

I ever heard about teleportation too. The method is to break the thing into particles, sending it as energy – or wave, since waves always carry energy- and in the destination it is recontructed again. But my guess it can’t be applied to human, since breaking a living being into particles is — a bit hardcore (that means killing us first, huh). I heard about Hadron Collider used as time machine too, since it can accelerate particles near the speed of light and, some Einstein general relativity and stuff, but I guess no human can stand the impact of the speed of light – well, we oughta be particles. Telephaty is another topic. All I’ve heard about the method is that both the subject and the receiver should have some kind of ‘brainwave resonance’ to understand what the other’s thinking. Pretty cool and convenient if you are too lazy to speak.

Breathtaking future technology is interesting (if it is not, no sci-fi movies). My fellow college friends and seniors in neighbour laboratory are conducting experiments about automatic wheelchair driven by brainwave, binaural beats, hypnosis, REM, and perfect pitch. Human body-soul-mind hides great secrets more than you have imagined, and each of the findings lead us to wonder how great we are made. We’re not close to understand our body-mind-soul completely yet – there are still many ‘treasures’ waiting to be discovered. To think literally that God knot eacn of us one by one is really amazing.