Some people find it hard to give thanks to God for whatever happen in their days, or just fail to notice. I see myself like that too sometimes. Today evening I think of an idea (which, like usual, comes out from nowhere) of what I should give thanks for. It’s not new, I think I’ve heard / read it somewhere, perhaps from Chicken Soup series I’ve read ten years ago or so but I think it’s worth for sharing.

Here’s the rules. List alphabets A – Z below and write anything that across your mind without you thinking next to it that begins in that letter. Remember, don’t think. And after you finished, begin to write what are you thankful for, for those ‘things’.  Let’s try it out; click “read more” for my example.

A – APPLE; a kind of fruit which actually is  not a fruit (if you take biology class you know what I mean) and a kind of fruit associates best with Adam and Eve (eventhough it is not told that it is really an apple). Fuji apple is my faaaavorite fruit, and I always choose this fruit above anything else. Thanks God, You created apple, and you give this kind of fruit a blessing for people as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

B -BETA; don’t ask why I choose beta. Beta stands for ‘something that yet released but can be played’ or simply ‘greek alphabet’. It is also a term for medical physics for the type of brain wave aside of Alpha, Theta, and Gamma. Thank You, God, for this beta brainwave, I can THINK and am CONSCIOUS of everything around me.

C -CAT; a feline, a cute, an ‘aww’, a… a furry thing that crawls to your lap when you pet them. Cats are common in everywhere but North/ South Pole, and people love these furry companions. Even though I am not allowed to have any pets to keep at home, I meet and pet them in campus (stray cats are cute too). Thanks God, I meet such cute creatures.

D -DELTA; first is it is either one type of brain wave, another Greek letter, or just a mathematical term (nabla, but hey, it’s drawn triangle). I wonder what should I thank for, aside of brain wave, it is all mathematical term… but still, thanks God for delta brainwave, I know the term ‘sleep’. Without sleep you give us each time we feel our eyes heavy, what I will become? As a saying that mentions how God gives His blessings to His sons in their sleep, I thank You for those blessings as well as Your guidance, comfort, and protection for me during those hours. And why this delta turns into a thanks for sleep…

E – ELEPHANT; a big gray creature that has long looong nose and big wide ears. I haven’t met this creature in my life (beats me) but I heard and read much about them. Thank You, God, for elephants You’ve created. It amuses me of how a creature has long nose and wide ears and is still beautiful. Speaking of elephant, I remember a drawing about Little Prince. Thanks God, You never allow a boa eats an elephant.

F -FIGURE; a figure is an image, a person or a toy. Thank You for a figure in my life, the mighty warriors of Yours who is fighting beside me. Thank You for their influence into me, ‘comrades’, ‘brothers in arms’ that always remind me to keep fighting too for You. Thanks for their influence too, I can shape my view and my mindset, and see wider picture of everything in this world. They are Taiyoo, Scarlet, and Nii.

G -GAMMA; another brainwave *facepalm*… no, I should search for another meaning. God knows why I choose those Greek letters. I give thanks for gamma ray, the most destructive EM wave and the shortest wavelength. Without gamma ray, we don’t have this world.

H – HIGGS; oh my, influences from everywhere in science world. Thanks God finally this strange particle’s finally been found. I don’t know anything about this ‘godly’ particle and I’ve just heard rumours but it is very interesting topic. Eh, although they found the impostor one but it is so close. Thanks God, for Higgs. Even though it is not proven yet and I know nothing about it, Your almighty works amazes me. Say, who doesn’t?

I -IGNITION; perhaps because I listened to T.M. Revolution’s song but I’ll take another meaning describing this verb. Thank You for igniting my heart, for over a year I’ve been lost wandering in this world, not praying, look down on church, and so on. I am so idiot, but by Your grace, You sent Your officers and finally ignite my heart. They perhaps don’t know the impact of their presence is so great.

J -JOINT; muscle joint to connect two bones[?]. Joint’s mechanism is not that simple, it is very complex and… I am thankful I have joints and muscles and bones. If I lose a joint, I don’t know what I should do. I thank God for making me whole.

K -KILE; eh. Why can’t I think of better word than this… software? But, thank You very much, Lord, You let my prof introduces Kile to me! For your information, Kile is a latex maker for linux and is easy to use compares to vim/vi. Speaking of which, it reminds me of my duty for August…

L -LAMPARD; uh–I should pick Lambda instead. Frank Lampard, why he pops up in the letter L, God knows. Thank Lord, I am into football *wipes sweats* even though I am a bad fan who don’t know who to support as long as them playing great in the field.

M -MONTMORILLONITE; now, let me perform a scream of desperation. I should thank God for maany things regarding this clay. This clay is… so. *I lost words* For your information, this thing is a part of my thesis and the one I find.. *and I lost words for the second time* I think my brain needs a rest.

N -NANO; is a scale, 10^-9. I have tons of gratefulness. Thank You, Lord, I can finally study nanomaterials and nanotechnology! I am in Engineering Physics hoping I can study about this topic (I was dragged to instrumentation and control system too) and I can do research about the most annoying topic which is called a ‘duren’ because it’s been ten (or more) years since it was first conducted. Thanks God for the nanotech, the most promising technology and the technology that will impact humanity. It feels so good to know I’ll contribute something too in this field.

O – ORPHAN. Thank You for orphans? I shall say, thank You for guiding, leading, comforting, protecting, giving all Your best and so much graces for my cousins, who is orphans. Their parents are in Your hands while they left nothing but scars to my cousins, and even in such situation, my cousins rely on You alone and don’t wander to something else. They don’t break, and I am grateful to You for Your constant caring for them.

P -PEONY. To be honest I have yet to see this flower. I’ll switch to my point of view instead. Thank You, Lord, for Peony, that emperor in Tales of Abyss Japanese Role Playing Game. Tales of Abyss is such a great game, and I still hold a hope that JRPG is still ‘alive’ even without Final Fantasy series which I found quite… disheartening[?]

Q -QUARKS. These particles. I should stop thinking too many complex things lately. Thank God for quarks, especially graviton. I don’t know if they aren’t there for us in this world – or this universe. Quark is far from my field since I am an engineering physics, not pure physics. But I always find the smallest particles that bind everything in the universe is… beautiful.

R – ROSE; flower of love, passion, the universal symbol of love, and each color has different meaning in ‘flower language’. Love. I thank God for the love. I thank thank thank God for the love. Where I am seen in Your eyes like I am, my true colors that is as dull as my pallette, and You still accept me as I am. Kind of thing humans fail to do.

S – STUBBORN. Rock head, stone head, the brat, the persistent. Sei. I am thankful for the presence of Sei, this rock-headed guy, and the one who protect me from harm. Thanks God… although he only creates mess than mends things.

T – TURKEY; I never ate turkey before… but it looks delicious. By the way, turkey is all about thanksgiving, if I’m not wrong (since we don’t celebrate it). Thank You, God, you give another country to celebrate thanksgiving, people will try to reflect and give thanks to what You have done.

U – ULCER; eh, ulcer? Why this word in my head by the way? I’ve read wikipedia but it doesn’t help much… anyway, it perhaps of no good. I should study more vocabs about human anatomy again next time.

V -VNYX; yes, it’s me. Thanks God for creating me as who I am with these kind of ability, strength, and weakness. And family, and this cage, these dolls, these wings. And this distortion, this dullness, this perception. The whole things that made me being me, You see me as who I am and still love me.

W – WILL; that guy. I can choose ‘will’ in ‘will power’ but I’ll choose that guy instead. Thank You, God, I can befriend him and still stick by his side even though he receives bullying. I don’t know how to express since I am pretty bad in expressing myself, but I hope You will never cease to guide him too.

X -XRAY; like another form of electromagnetic wave, thanks God now I have experienced to be x-ray-ed (teeth problem…for sure). Thanks God the x ray is extremely helpful for medic, by its invention, many people has been helped.

Y – YESUS; Indonesian spelling for Jesus. God! Lord! What else should I thank for beside of Your Grace to us for giving Your Beloved Son to redeem our sins? It will gives a whole page to describe how I am thankful for Your sacrifice, despite of people out there think of it.

Z – ZAKHARIA; Zakharia, Lord bless you! Thanks Lord for Zakharia, that You ordered him to write one part of the Bible. Those words are into my heart.

Whoa, it’s more complex than I thought O___o;; perhaps I am overdoing it again, seeing greek letters and physics jargons… Looks like it’s better if I spend few hours to calm myself down and think nothing rather than doing this right after the lecture and presentation practices.