“It’s good to see everyone doesn’t change even a bit,” I whispered onto Scarlet’s ears as we were enjoying shopping for accessories.

It’s been a long time, exactly 4 years ago, we were separated and went to different colleges — and a week ago I told myself the first thing I have to do after this reunion was to write it down in blog *facepalms* but I have such a short memory. Yeah, last week I finally met again with my besties in Istana Plaza and our meeting began at twitter. It has been 4 years and I miss them. Our campuses are very near with Nii only 5 minutes walking and Scarlet a bit far but not far (I just don’t want to admit I don’t know how far) …at least we’re still in same town that is not bigger than Jakarta. We met at 12 PM with me as the last man to appear. It was a very joyful moment if I was not exaggerating this sentence. After asking how ya people doing and talking about our memories of middle school as well as gossipping about our middle school ‘brigade-members’, we went to Nanny’s to eat and spent entire day there chatting.

And here we come: a state-administration-expert, soon-to-be-entrepreneur, and a self-proclaimed-researcher
Three people with three different education backgrounds, law-business-science.

Range of our discussion are… strangely too wide to be understood. From thesis, daily-life, internet, business, entrepreneurship, law, spiritual, racism,  politics, exchanging our knowledge we got in the college and our views for this beloved nations. From the state-administrator-expert I come to know more about this country that was hidden behind the rug, from the entrepreneur I discovered something unusual with today’s business practices, and I myself shared my observation towards worldwide’s internet people’s behaviors. And our conclusions were the same: this was really amusing. Was strange. Confusing. Then three of us shared our views and each stated that we wanted to make a change for this country. We don’t know how, but we must. Those were a very interesting discussion. On how by attending ‘state-colleges’ our views for things broaden and we have the occassion to meet up with different people from different background cultures and different places. On how monopolization works in today’s company. On how people have overuse their freedom of speech in the country-without-boundary.

The discussion ended when I got a call from my family and we separated. Too bad the reunion was too short, but we promised we’ll meet again 🙂