I thought I would be free this supposed-to-be-semester’s-holiday but unfortunately I have been dreaming too much for it to happen :(. I’ll be spending these 6 months continuing my research on MD simulation as well as part time job (which wage will be spent later for my future study), I imagine I’ll be extremely exhausted, not to mention I’m writing papers for next conferences. My thesis is not going well, but, nah – that is what a research means.

Firstly I would like to apologize because last time I updated, I wrote that I want to share my thesis and the molecular dynamics method and the software, dl_poly. I now realize that sharing my thesis in my public blog is not allowed. I don’t have right to publish the outcome elsewhere but official journals (if it happens to be published: that’s really a miracle) or my campus’s database. As molecular dynamics and dl_poly, they have been covered very well in other sites, such as Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and DL_POLY website.

As this blog’s name, this is a junkyard. I post what I want to share for you to read and comment, so perhaps you’ll see either my science mumblings, drawings, my thoughts on politics and stuffs, my experience with fabulous friends or private moment with God, or photography. Thank you and good day! 😉