It has been really a long time since I last update. I’m still busy doing my thesis research and I don’t have anything good to share… :\ My laptop’s keyboard isn’t working and I am waiting for it to be repaired. Because of it, I work with desktop computer at laboratory.

5th May was the day full of pleasant surprises. The night before, our Wijayakusumah flower bloomed again, but when I checked it in the morning it had withered. My cousin got married at Saturday and the reservation was held in Gallery Cimbuleuit at 6PM 🙂 Best wishes for the new family! The decoration was beautiful, full of blue sky colored cloths and hanging white birdcages on the trees. The cutest one was their wedding cake – it was white decorated with music scores (but I don’t know what song it was).  And do you know that at 5th May we had a SUPER MOON? The full moon was really beautiful and astonishing, and fortunately we had rare clear sky at night yesterday in Bandung. I have some good (unfortunately not the ones married) photos at Cimbuleuit, I’ll share them here.

wedding bouquet

As usual, I took them with my N8 (Nokia) camera. I envy them who have SLR 😦 but it seems I should be content with this pocket camera smartphone. The last time I checked, a Canon was worth 6.99 million rupiah. I got scolded for taking (worthless-non-human) photographs instead of the newly weds, and my aunt gave me more advices.

I’ve come to know this was a super moon from another physics blog at tumblr. The super moon on the northern hemisphere (USA) was really big and the texture can be seen very clearly! I asked the blogger whether it was photoshop-ed, but he said no. Perhaps a certain lens of SLR Camera can be used to make it bigger? I don’t know. But here, in Bandung, West Java, a mountain and equator, we can only see this small little thing hanging on the sky brightly like a night lamp — this small. I zoomed my smartphone to maximum and those pond grasses were on the way. Yes, pond. The grass itself was quite small and tall.

The birdcage and the wedding cake is my favorite. As usual, you can use these as wallpaper, decoration for name card, etc., without my credits. We’re extremely exhausted after that, not to mention the annoying traffic jam. I wish government will do something about it.